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Exploring the Promises of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

By Jennifer Bresnick

- Few data science concepts have brought as much excitement and anticipation to healthcare as artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

With an almost limitless capacity to revolutionize how patients, providers, payers, and other stakeholders make decisions and interact with each other, AI is poised to become a transformative technology within a very short timeframe.

In the clinical environment, AI-driven decision support tools are already improving patient safety and finding their way into radiology, pathology, oncology, and other data-rich specialties. 

On the administrative and operational fronts, smart algorithms are identifying new opportunities for greater efficiencies, creating stronger patient-provider relationships, and alleviating some of the burdens of health IT use.

How will artificial intelligence evolve to help meet the needs of patients and providers in an increasingly complex healthcare environment?

At the 2018 World Medical Innovation Forum presented by Partners HealthCare, experts from across the healthcare industry shared their visions for the future of artificial intelligence with


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