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CVS Health Launches Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Management Program

The retail pharmacy's diabetes management program will leverage connected devices and data analytics to improve A1C control.

By Jennifer Bresnick

- Patients in search of better diabetes management skills will be able to take advantage of advanced data analytics, connected devices, and personalized coaching to cultivate self-care competencies at CVS Health pharmacies. 

Diabetes management, chronic disease, and retail pharmacies

The retail chain is launching its new Transform Diabetes Care program to cut costs for its pharmacy benefit management (PBM) clients, anticipating savings of up to $5000 per member per year due to improved diabetes control.

"The Transform Diabetes Care program focuses on three key components to help improve outcomes and reduce overall health care spend in diabetes: medication adherence, A1C control and lifestyle management," said Troyen A. Brennan, MD, Chief Medical Officer of CVS Health.

Using data analytics and personalization tools, CVS Health will identify opportunities for chronic disease management improvements for individual members.  By raising the level of patient engagement and providing tailored lifestyle coaching, the program aims to improve A1C control and encourage healthier daily choices.

"What's unique about this program is that at CVS Health we are able to marshal resources across our enterprise and provide a high level of personalized support and care via multiple touch points,” Brennan said.

Enrolled patients will be able to check their A1C levels at CVS MinuteClinic locations, and will also be offered a connected glucometer, which will allow them to upload blood sugar readings to the cloud.  A care team, led by a pharmacist, will use the data to identify trends and flag opportunities for targeted coaching or interventions.

“What makes our face-to-face counseling and education at our more than 9,600 pharmacy locations and more than 1,100 MinuteClinic locations so effective is that it happens when patients are already thinking about their health," Brennan added.

Digital tools, including a chronic disease management app, will allow participants to access medication refill reminders and conduct refill tasks through two-way text messaging. 

Ultimately, CVS Health hopes to help pharmacy benefit clients control the costs of antidiabetic drugs.  The program includes a year-over-year drug trend guarantee – limited to the single digits – which will be adjusted based on individual population and spending profiles.

"In 2016 antidiabetic drugs were the leading driver of gross costs for our clients," said Jonathan Roberts, President of CVS Caremark.

"The Transform Diabetes Care program will enable us to help our clients manage the unsustainable increases in the cost of diabetes care by maximizing the value and effectiveness of our engagement with patients to improve clinical outcomes, while also employing strategic approaches to actively manage and control costs."  

The diabetes management program is a component of CVS Health’s overall strategy to strengthen its position in the care continuum by adding value to its retail clinic locations while using data-driven population health tools to make connections across the healthcare community.

CVS has previously formed partnerships and engaged in research targeting medication adherence, using predictive analytics to flag patients at high risk of failing to follow recommended treatment protocols.  In 2015, the company launched its ScriptSync initiative to align refill dates for patients with multiple medications, making it easier for them to manage their prescriptions.

The CVS Health Pharmacy Advisor Counseling has already improved diabetic medication adherence by nearly ten percent, the press release says.

The new diabetes management program will soon be joined by a suite of other patient management initiatives, the company added, as retail pharmacies work to contribute to the healthcare industry’s cost cutting and quality improvement efforts.

The Transform Diabetes Care program will be available in early 2017.

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