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Challenges of Developing and Deploying AI in Healthcare

By Jennifer Bresnick

- Healthcare is on the edge of entering the era of artificial intelligence.  As machine learning, deep learning, and other aspects of AI start to mature, they bring nearly endless possibilities to supplement, streamline, and enhance the way humans interact with data.

However, stakeholders from all corners of the industry must address a number of thorny challenges related to developing and deploying AI in healthcare before they can reap its rewards. 

From ensuring secure access to high-quality data to creating an equitable environment governed by smart, effective policies, healthcare providers, payers, regulators, developers, and patients must come together to shape an AI-driven future that brings benefits for all.

What are some of the key challenges that will face the healthcare ecosystem as it embarks on its quest to integrate artificial intelligence into the care delivery process, and how can stakeholders collaborate around solving the highly complex problems involved in building the next generation of health IT tools and workflows?

At the 2018 World Medical Innovation Forum for Artificial Intelligence, presented by Partners HealthCare, asked leading researchers, clinicians, developers, and technology experts about the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare industry as it explores the adoption of artificial intelligence.


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