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AMA to Connect Physicians with Health IT, Big Data Companies

The AMA will be playing matchmaker between physicians and big data companies looking to integrate the clinical perspective into their health IT offerings.

Big data analytics companies and health IT

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By Jennifer Bresnick

- The American Medical Association (AMA) is continuing its efforts to reshape the health IT landscape by offering physicians a chance to collaborate with big data analytics companies and other vendors through a new online forum.

The Physician Innovation Network will allow interested clinicians to browse paid work and volunteer opportunities from vendors seeking physician input throughout their product development cycles.

“The AMA is committed to shaping a future where digital health tools are evidence-based, validated, interoperable, and actionable to ensure patients are receiving high-quality care,” said AMA President David O. Barbe, MD.

“To make this a reality, the AMA is working with leaders across health care who are keenly focused on technologies that work better for patients and physicians and seeking ways to bring the physician voice into the innovation space.”

The platform will also include access to virtual panel discussions with health IT experts, allowing vendors and physicians to share real-world experiences and new ideas for streamlining workflows, creating safer and more intuitive products, and developing the next generation of innovative technologies.

“We know that when physician expertise is aligned with input from partners on the leading edge of health technology, we produce meaningful results,” Barbe added.

“The Physician Innovation Network will help ensure that physicians play a greater role in leading digital health innovations that expand the bounds of science, enhance patient care, and shape a better health care system, and improve the health of the nation.”

The announcement follows the unveiling of the AMA’s Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI), a physician-led informatics platform that aims to standardize the collection and sharing of key patient data.

“We spend more than three trillion dollars a year on health care in America and generate more health data than ever before. Yet some of the most meaningful data – data to unlock potential improvements in patient outcomes – is fragmented, inaccessible or incomplete,” said AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD, earlier in October.

“The collaborative effort of IHMI will help the health system learn how to collect, organize, and exchange patient-centered data in a common structure that captures what is most important for improving care and long-term wellness, and transform the data into a rich stream of accessible and actionable information.”

Both the Physician Innovation Network and the Integrated Health Model Initiative are part of the AMA’s larger strategy for architecting a data-driven future for healthcare while reducing the current strains of physician burnout and poor EHR usability.

In addition to its direct efforts to foster health IT improvements, the AMA is also a major partner in several innovation accelerators and industry collaborations, including Sling Health, Xcertia, and MATTER.

As a founding investor and partner in Health2047, an “innovation enterprise” aimed at bringing the physician perspective to Silicon Valley developers, the AMA is stretching its role as neutral convener and health IT matchmaker across the nation.

“There are very few entities with a similar involvement in every core area of the industry or a similar commitment to addressing concerns that matter to physicians, to patients, and to everyone in between without the competitive tensions of a business or a vendor,” said Jack Stockert, MD, Managing Director of Strategy and Business Development at Health 2047.  

“I don’t think people are as concerned about an organization like the AMA facilitating these initiatives as they would be about a for-profit entity getting involved in their data and trying to make changes to the way they do business.  The AMA is a trusted organization, which really helps to craft a collaborative narrative.”


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