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83 Intermountain Clinics Become Patient-Centered Medical Homes

All primary care clinics of the Intermountain Medical Group have achieved NCQA recognition as patient-centered medical homes.

Intermountain clinics become patient-centered medical homes

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By Jessica Kent

- The Intermountain Medical Group recently announced that its 83 primary care clinics have received National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition as patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs).

Intermountain, a Utah-based healthcare organization, began developing patient-centered medical homes for older patients over 15 years ago. In 2011, they extended the model to all primary care clinics.

The NCQA’s PCMH evaluation program is the most widely accepted in the country, with more than 12,000 practices recognized.

“The work, and teamwork, led by our primary care, care management, and consultant teams have moved our clinics along this journey to better serve and care for patients and families,” stated Mark Briesacher, Chief Physician Executive and President of Intermountain Medical Group.

“We are now well-positioned to achieve safer care, better clinical outcomes and experiences, and lower costs,” he continued. “2017 has been a year of achievements for our primary care practices, with not only our medical home recognitions but also our significant progress in advancing team-based care models that support the integration of mental health in physical care.”

Clinics must consistently meet PCMH standards to achieve recognition. These standards include same-day access to care, patient-centered clinical advice, team-based care that includes patients and families in decision-making, and robust population health management.

The PCMH model intends to improve care quality and patient safety by involving patients in their own care, increasing communication between patients and providers, and improving the accuracy and completeness of patient data.

“Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition raises the bar in defining high-quality care by emphasizing access, health information technology, and coordinated care focused on patients,” said NCQA president Margaret E. O’Kane.

“Recognition shows that Intermountain Medical Group has the tools, systems and resources to provide its patients with the right care, at the right time.”

Many providers have adopted the PCMH model to achieve their value-based care goals. Although PCMH adoption can be costly, many industry leaders who make the leap have found long-term success in improving care and saving money.  

Intermountain hopes to use its PCMH milestone as a way to foster continuous improvement, said Briesacher.

“We are now focused on the next innovation, bringing together primary care, virtual specialty care, population health, homecare, and community health to better serve our patients, families, and communities,” he said.


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