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KLAS: Epic Systems, Cerner Lead EHR Vendors in Sepsis Analytics

April 25, 2017 - Hospitals searching for clinical analytics and patient surveillance tools for combating sepsis give high marks to functionalities provided by Epic Systems and Cerner Corporation, KLAS Research says in a new report.  The two competitors, primarily known for their electronic health record products, win out over other EHR-centric vendors in terms of meaningful real-time alerting, lowered...


athenahealth EHR App Marketplace Grows, Targets Patient mHealth


The recent flurry of interest in public application programming interfaces (APIs) as a way to connect disparate health data has prompted electronic health record vendors to open the floodgates to third-party developers with bright ideas about...

Why an “Empty Desire” for Big Data is Inhibiting Value-Based Care


For the most part, the healthcare industry has embraced the idea that access to big data is a critical part of doing business in the modern care environment.  But there’s a major difference between having big data and leveraging it...

Top 4 Ways to Use Blockchain for Healthcare Data Management


Along with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, blockchain has rapidly risen to become one of the healthcare industry’s most talked-about technologies.  The distributed ledger methodology promises...

Physician Portal Aids Data Exchange for Stand-Alone Hospital


While much of the healthcare industry is turning to mergers, acquisitions, and economies of scale to combat the financial challenges of value-based care, there are still more than a few organizations that have committed to operational independence....

As FHIR Matures, Healthcare Interoperability Comes into Focus


The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource, better known as FHIR, has quickly seared itself into the consciousness of the health IT industry, becoming one of the most promising methodologies for open, seamless data exchange. In just a few...

AI, Machine Learning as a Service Set to Overhaul Healthcare


Relatively few healthcare organizations have the resources or analytics maturity to develop their own intricate big data analytics infrastructure from scratch, but a growing number of vendors are starting to make the daunting and costly process...

Few Healthcare Business Intelligence Users Join an ACO, HIE


Healthcare providers who want to wade into the value-based care ecosystem are well aware that they must overcome a number of technical and organizational hurdles before they can reap the rewards of joining an accountable care organization (ACO)...

Top 4 Machine Learning Use Cases for Healthcare Providers


As healthcare providers and vendors start to show off more mature big data analytics skills, machine learning and artificial intelligence have quickly rocketed to the top of the industry’s buzzword list. The possibility of using intelligent...

Data Warehouse, ERP Tools Top Wish List for Value-Based Care


2017 may already be a quarter of the way gone, but healthcare executives are still hoping to score some major big data analytics infrastructure upgrades before the calendar rolls over again as they look towards a future of value-based care. ...

Can Open Source EHRs Offer a New Path for Health IT Usability?


More than half a decade after the EHR Incentive Programs sparked a frenzied rush to purchase and implement certified health IT tools, the electronic health record market has largely coalesced around a core set of commercial vendors.  The...

Revenue Cycle Analytics Enable Value-Based Care for Pediatrics Group


Value-based care contracts are becoming increasingly popular for providers and payers looking to slim down spending and increase quality, but few organizations can truly flourish in the pay-for-performance environment if they do not have robust...

Healthcare Business Intelligence, Big Data Tools Spark Investment


Healthcare organizations are actively seeking business intelligence and big data analytics tools that will help them get ahead in a tightly competitive marketplace, driving significant investment in infrastructure to support more efficient and...

SAP Joins Hyperledger, Building Healthcare Blockchain Momentum


Hyperledger, the cross-industry collaboration focused on operationalizing blockchain technology, is welcoming SAP to its ranks of “Premier” members, setting up an opportunity for another major companies with healthcare interests to...

Lack of Talent, Direction Afflict Healthcare Data Analytics Plans


Healthcare organizations are eager to dive into big data analytics projects that improve clinical quality and reduce inefficiencies, but a chronic lack of qualified talent, concerns about interoperability, and uncertainty over where to start...

APIs Boost Care Coordination, Data Exchange at Northwell Health


Northwell Health, the largest hospital system in the most populous metro region in the country, has a lot on its plate when it comes to conducting care coordination activities for more than 8 million people.   With 21 hospitals, over 2700...

PGHD, Genomic Data Predicted to Power Clinical Decision Support


Patient-generated health data (PGHD) and individualized genomics are expected to become two of the most impactful data sources for clinical decision support, population health management, and care coordination over the next five years, according...

Epic App Orchard Encourages Developers to Use FHIR, Open APIs


At HIMSS17 in Orlando last month, the vendor halls were packed to the gills with companies touting the latest plug-and-play technologies that use emerging data standards to perform analytics, shuttle information between organizations, enhance...

Healthcare Analytics Help Mercy Uncover Cost, Quality Insights


Every spring, the HIMSS Conference and Exhibition brings tens of thousands of healthcare stakeholders together under one massive roof to share best practices, explore the latest innovations, and brainstorm new strategies for achieving the Triple...

Health Data Exchange, EHR Dashboards Underpin a Successful ACO


Accountable care organizations (ACOs) come in all shapes and sizes, guided by a wide range of health IT philosophies.  Some ACOs demand total technical uniformity to standardize processes, while others encourage EHR individuality and allow...


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