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Kaiser Permanente Targets Population Health with New Med School


Not content with being one of the nation’s largest healthcare provider systems and a key innovator in the health IT space, Kaiser Permanente is taking its leadership role one step further by opening up a new medical school, officials announced...

Can Population Health Management Succeed Without IT Support?


Healthcare organizations are rapidly embracing the principles behind coordinated population health management, but few providers who claim to have such programs in place have adopted a dedicated health IT solution to help them identify, treat,...

Can Patient Portals Provide Options for Mental Healthcare?


Providers searching for better ways to make behavioral and mental healthcare available to their patients may not need to look much further than their own computer screens.  As online portals and secure messaging tools become more commonplace,...

EHR Use, Population Health Lessons from a Davies Award Winner


HealthNet, the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Indiana, is a recipient of this year’s HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award of Excellence, a program that recognizes outstanding improvement in patient care, outcomes, EHR adoption,...

Population Health Management Tools Market May Double by 2020


As value-based reimbursement initiatives continue to ramp up, healthcare providers are likely to accelerate their investment in population health management tools and technologies, driving the marketplace to double in size by the end of the date. ...

Is Population Health Management Paying Off for Diabetes?


The Centers for Disease Control released some unusual news this week.  The number of new cases of Type 2 diabetes is starting to exhibit definite signs of a downward trend, even as population health management programs become more and more...

Personalized Medication Adherence Plan Cuts Readmissions by 70%


From ineffective chronic disease management to hospital readmissions, few behavioral patterns have as much impact on a patient’s health as their medication adherence habits.  Patients who fail to take their medications as prescribed...

Big Data, Population Health Management Make Successful ACOs


As healthcare spending continues to spike into the stratosphere, Medicare and its commercial counterparts have an urgent mission on their hands.  They must find a way to effectively control costs, stem the tide of chronic disease, and deliver...

Just 30% of Mentally Ill Patients Screened for Chronic Disease


Adults suffering from severe mental illnesses are rarely screened for chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes, according to a new research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) this month.  Just 30...

Do Financial Patient Incentives Increase Preventative Care?


Small financial patient incentives, such as gift cards, may not significantly increase the rate of breast cancer screenings in targeted patients, finds a study published this month in the American Journal of Managed Care, calling into question...

AMA, AHA to Prioritize Hypertension, Chronic Disease Management


As the “silver tsunami” of aging patients continues to make comprehensive chronic disease management difficult for healthcare providers, the American Medical Association and American Heart Association are targeting one of the conditions...

Clinical Decision Support Guidelines Cut Unneeded Angioplasty


Unnecessary and rarely appropriate angioplasty procedures are occurring less often thanks to a concerted effort to educate providers about clinical guidelines for the cardiovascular treatment, says a study published this month in the Journal...

mHealth Apps are Common, but Patient Engagement Isn’t Sustained


Can mHealth apps be useful tools for patient engagement and population health management if patients lose interest in using them?  A new study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) shows that even patients who do see value...

What Makes for a Successful Accountable Care Organization?


Medicare and private payers have both pinned a large part of their financial hopes on developing the accountable care organization, which aims to improve coordination, cut costs, and raise quality in a fiscally responsible – but somewhat...

Precision Medicine, Predictive Analytics to Flag PTSD Risks


A new study from Geisinger Health hopes to engage precision medicine principles to predict mental and behavioral health risks for an oft-overlooked subset of the veteran population: National Guard and members and Reservists, who experience high...

Simple Healthcare Predictive Analytics Flag Elderly Fall Risk


Healthcare payers looking to boost their quality scores only need a few easily accessible data points in order to accurately predict and reduce injuries from falls among elderly patients, says a study published this month in the American Journal...

Open EHR Notes Improve Medication Adherence, Engagement


Providers may be able to improve medication adherence simply by showing patients their own data, according to a new two-year study conducted by Geisinger Health System.  Patients of primary care providers who embraced the “Open Notes”...

Navigating Value-Based Payment and Population Health Management


Healthcare organizations navigating the transition to value-based care are faced with a dilemma: They must invest in the infrastructure for population health management (PHM) even as their fee-for-service (FFS) revenue drops. The key strategy...

Twitter, EHR Big Data Help Track Flu with Predictive Analytics


Tweeting about the sniffles has never been so interesting – at least to computational epidemiologists at Boston’s Children Hospital, who are using non-traditional data sources like social media and internet searches in conjunction...

Gains in Longevity Slow Down for Most Chronic Diseases


Despite an increased focus on preventative care and chronic disease management, gains in mortality rates are slowing down for most common conditions, and actually increasing for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to new data...


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