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Why Mental Healthcare is Key to Population Health Management


There is an odd division in the healthcare world that creates an unfortunate schism between the clinical care of a patient and his mental and behavioral wellbeing.  Even as population health management programs grow and expand, forging new...

HHS, CMS Announce Accountable Care Organization Growth Plans


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) accountable care organization (ACO) programs are growing larger than ever before, according to a press release from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). The programs will...

RAND: Patient-Centered Medical Home May Cost $147K Per Year


Are the potential savings and patient care benefits of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) worth the costs?  RAND Corporation is weighing in on the eternal debate over the benefits and drawbacks of implementing the innovative care framework...

CMS Offers $157M to Fund Community Population Health Management


Recognizing the need to integrate the social and community needs of patients into population health management on a broader scale, CMS has announced a new $157 million funding opportunity to bolster innovative strategies for helping to address...

Just 8.3% of Safety Net Patients Receive Hepatitis C Screenings


Only 8.3 percent of eligible patients seen at safety net community health centers receive appropriate screenings for the hepatitis C virus, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA),...

Claims Big Data Analytics Flags Medication Non-Adherence Rates


Claims data is often cited as a goldmine for emerging big data analytics strategies, due to their comprehensive and generally standardized nature.  Coupled with diagnostic information and clinical notes found in EHRs, researchers can fill...

176M May Be Covered by Accountable Care Organizations by 2020


Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have quickly become one of the industry’s most successful strategies for enlisting providers in value-based reimbursement arrangements, and have rapidly brought significant changes to population health...

Online Patient Engagement Spikes When High Costs Are Involved


Patients who are financially responsibile for high out-of-pocket costs are significantly more likely to choose email and other online patient engagement methods over an expensive office visit to contact providers about their health concerns,...

53% of Patients Say They Cannot Access Their EHR Data Online


Despite the widespread adoption of electronic health records and a nationwide push to engage patients through online portals, fifty-three percent of patients participating in a new HealthMine poll do not have online access to all their EHR data,...

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Healthcare Big Data Analytics Pro


There may be only a few short hours left until Amazon stops guaranteeing deliveries by Christmas Day, but that’s still plenty of time to scratch the last few items off your list.  Ergonomic keyboards for your medical coders? ...

Establishing the Basis for Accountable Care Organization Success


Care management is the key to ACO success, but many healthcare organizations overlook the most fundamental factor in care coordination…an advanced system of primary care! ACO models involve many varied elements of care management, but...

Kaiser Permanente Targets Population Health with New Med School


Not content with being one of the nation’s largest healthcare provider systems and a key innovator in the health IT space, Kaiser Permanente is taking its leadership role one step further by opening up a new medical school, officials announced...

Can Population Health Management Succeed Without IT Support?


Healthcare organizations are rapidly embracing the principles behind coordinated population health management, but few providers who claim to have such programs in place have adopted a dedicated health IT solution to help them identify, treat,...

Can Patient Portals Provide Options for Mental Healthcare?


Providers searching for better ways to make behavioral and mental healthcare available to their patients may not need to look much further than their own computer screens.  As online portals and secure messaging tools become more commonplace,...

EHR Use, Population Health Lessons from a Davies Award Winner


HealthNet, the largest Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Indiana, is a recipient of this year’s HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award of Excellence, a program that recognizes outstanding improvement in patient care, outcomes, EHR adoption,...

Population Health Management Tools Market May Double by 2020


As value-based reimbursement initiatives continue to ramp up, healthcare providers are likely to accelerate their investment in population health management tools and technologies, driving the marketplace to double in size by the end of the date. ...

Is Population Health Management Paying Off for Diabetes?


The Centers for Disease Control released some unusual news this week.  The number of new cases of Type 2 diabetes is starting to exhibit definite signs of a downward trend, even as population health management programs become more and more...

Personalized Medication Adherence Plan Cuts Readmissions by 70%


From ineffective chronic disease management to hospital readmissions, few behavioral patterns have as much impact on a patient’s health as their medication adherence habits.  Patients who fail to take their medications as prescribed...

Big Data, Population Health Management Make Successful ACOs


As healthcare spending continues to spike into the stratosphere, Medicare and its commercial counterparts have an urgent mission on their hands.  They must find a way to effectively control costs, stem the tide of chronic disease, and deliver...

Just 30% of Mentally Ill Patients Screened for Chronic Disease


Adults suffering from severe mental illnesses are rarely screened for chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes, according to a new research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) this month.  Just 30...


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