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Six Foundational Steps for Better Population Health Management


As value-based reimbursement and accountable care continue their march towards dominance in the evolving healthcare ecosystem, robust and effective population health management techniques are quickly becoming a critical competency for primary...

Population Health Management High Priority for Providers


Population health management is a healthcare delivery practice that aims to provide high-quality care to all populations by utilizing value-based payment approaches and patient-centered care. A recent study conducted by Healthagen’s Chief...

CMS’ Pioneer ACO Program Not Conducive to Small Hospitals


Despite claims that accountable care organizations (ACOs) have tremendous benefits to the delivery of care, several participants in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’s) Pioneer ACO Program have chosen to leave...

Cooperative Chronic Disease Management Aids Renal Patients


Patients with more serious forms of chronic kidney disease (CKD) benefit from a cooperative chronic disease management approach that integrates both primary care providers (PCPs) and nephrologists, according to a study published this month in...

Will Inadequate Metrics Doom the Accountable Care Organization?


Accountable care organizations are all about the data.  Detailed quality reporting and cost benchmarking are the hallmarks of this value-based reimbursement model, and the carefully balanced system of risk, savings, performance, and quality...

Big Data Analytics Cuts Medicaid Opioid Abuse, Ups Patient Safety


Opioid abuse is often described as an “epidemic” sweeping the nation, killing more than 15,000 patients each year and affecting the lives of a further two million Americans who abuse or depend on painkilling drugs. Like other chronic...

Predictive Analytics Flag Patient Medication Adherence Patterns


Costing the healthcare industry nearly $337 billion in 2013, medication nonadherence is a serious problem in chronic disease management and population health management. Although it may seem impossible to control whether or not a patient takes...

Patient-Centered Medical Home Upkeep Costs $8000 per Month


Maintaining the staffing and care coordination requirements of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) costs an average of $8600 per month, and even partial implementation of PCMH features can cost approximately $105,000 per full-time clinician...

Social, Behavioral Data Must Be Included in EHRs, Nurses Say


Electronic health records are incomplete and potentially insufficient for use in population health management programs when they are missing social and behavioral data, states the American Academy of Nursing in a new policy brief and call to...

36% of Patients with Diabetes are Undiagnosed, Unmanaged


More than a third of American patients with diabetes are unaware that they are living with the chronic disease, says new research published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  The worrying statistic, drawn...

HIMSS Asks Congress for Population Health Management Support


The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) wants Congress to focus on supporting the underlying health IT pillars that make population health management a reality, including interoperability and health information exchange,...

Humana Expands Population Health Management, Accountable Care


Humana is embarking on several new population health management and accountable care programs this fall, bringing value-based reimbursement and coordinated care to providers in New York, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.  The agreements will help...

Big Data Analytics, EHR Interoperability Challenging for ACOs


Accountable care organizations are having a difficult time developing the interoperability necessary to support population health management and big data analytics, says the 2015 ACO survey by the eHealth Initiative and Premier, Inc.  While...

Big Data Analytics, Genomics to Spur Collaborative ALS Research


Three major academic medical centers are combining their big data analytics forces to tackle Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a common yet poorly understood degenerative neuromuscular condition.  Johns Hopkins University’s Robert...

Smartphone Owners Five Times More Likely to Use Patient Portals


Smartphone users are significantly more likely to be patient portal users than consumers that do not own internet-connected mobile devices, says a new report by Parks Associates.  Twenty-seven percent of smartphone owners regularly engage...

Big Data Sorting Methods Can Change Picture of Population Health


The healthcare system may be learning to treat data as a source of ultimate truth, but when it comes to population health management statistics, truth may still be in the eye of the beholder.  Patient outcome data can look very different...

EHR Clinical Decision Support Weighs Benefit, Harm of Screenings


Electronic health records may not be the documentation tool of choice for many unhappy clinicians, but the developers of clinical decision support technologies hope to change their opinions by creating proactive, data-driven features that validate...

How Retail Health Clinics Impact Population Health Management


Retail health clinics have seen a surge over the past decade, bringing major changes to the healthcare industry, particularly in the realm of providing low-cost, quality care to patients at a very local level. Recently, retail health clinics...

Sullivan Institute Opens Care Coordination, Health IT Use Survey


The Louis W. Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation is requesting stakeholder feedback on potential care coordination shortfalls with a new online survey.  The survey hopes to gather information on potential gaps in population health...

Medicare Accountable Care Organizations Bring $411M in Savings


Despite a rocky start and more than a few drop-outs along the way, Medicare’s Accountable Care Organizations in the Pioneer and Shared Savings Programs continue to produce hundreds of millions in savings for CMS and participating providers....


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