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Can FHIR Spark Health Information Exchange, Interoperability?


Health information exchange in the United Sates may suffer from chronic fragmentation, data duplication, misinterpretation, ambiguity, and disunity, but there’s one thing nearly all providers can come together to agree upon: data interoperability...

SGR Fix to Simplify Quality Reporting, Value-Based Payments


In an annual battle that has flared up every spring since 1997, Congress is once again considering the repeal and replacement of the Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR), and this year’s potential legislation has significant impacts on CMS...

CMS Details Methods for Streamlined Quality Program Reporting


CMS has long faced criticism that its quality program reporting structures are cumbersome and difficult to understand, but the agency is currently taking steps to ensure that the process becomes easier for providers who are participating in multiple...

87% of Patients Want Health Information Exchange Without Fees


Patients believe strongly in the idea of free, facile health information exchange that allows providers to access critical patient data wherever the patient goes, according to a new survey by the Society of Participatory Medicine and ORC International....

EHNAC Releases Practice Management Accreditation Criteria


EHNAC has released its initial practice management accreditation criteria for vendors interested in certifying that their products meet minimum privacy, security, and functionality standards.  The program is designed to promote trust between...

CHIME Offers $1M for 100% Accurate Patient Matching Solution


The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is putting $1 million up for grabs in search of an interoperable and scalable patient matching solution.  The competition hopes to encourage developers and innovators to create...

Medical Device Integration a Key Concern for Patient Safety


Even though patient monitoring devices are among the most basic, essential, and frequently used tools in healthcare, medical device integration is a subject that has been largely relegated to second-tier status as healthcare organizations continue...

How to Avoid the Five Biggest Risks of ICD-10 Implementation


The healthcare industry has taken on more than its fair share of risky health IT projects in recent years, but few have come with quite as many unknowns as ICD-10 implementation.  No two organizations are alike when it comes to the wide-ranging...

Four EHR Optimization Steps for Healthcare Data Integrity


Long before meaningful use made it financially attractive to implement electronic health records, EHR advocates were making the argument that improved information technology was critical for healthcare data integrity and all of the clinical analytics,...

AMA, Coalition Continue Tussle over ICD-10 Implementation


The tug-of-war between ICD-10 implementation advocates and their stalwart foes is still raging as new data points give fodder to both sides about the industry’s readiness – or lack thereof – to bring the advanced code set into...

Information Governance Must Protect PHI Outside the EHR


Over the last several years, most healthcare organizations have moved to storing all protected health information (PHI) in HIPAA compliant electronic health records (EHRs) systems.  Yet, over the same period, there has been an accelerating...

Poor Data Governance Practices Restrict Usefulness of EHRs


The widespread implementation of electronic health records has brought about some of the most significant changes in the practice of medicine for decades, but the usefulness of these health information management systems can be inhibited by poor...

PCMH Care Coordination Program Cuts Hospital Readmissions


Providing cooperative, community-based post-discharge care coordination for elderly patients can help to reduce preventable hospital readmissions, finds a study published this month in the American Journal of Managed Care.  Patients aged 60...

Is ICD-10 End-to-End Testing as “Successful” as It Seems?


CMS was able to conduct a “successful” initial week of ICD-10 end-to-end testing, says outgoing Administrator Marilyn Tavenner in an email update that shares details about the first comprehensive Medicare ICD-10 testing available for providers. ...

HIM, Revenue Cycle Management Metrics to Watch before ICD-10


Health information management professionals and ICD-10 steering committees are looking forward to a complicated year in 2015 as ICD-10 appears to be headed for implementation in October.  The new code set will have a significant impact on a...

CMS Offers New Accountable Care Payment Model for Oncologists


CMS is already making good on its commitment to expanding accountable care by announcing new opportunities for value-based reimbursement for oncologists.  Providers participating in the new Oncology Care Model (OCM) will receive bundled payments...

ICD-10 Preparation is Costing 45.5 Hours, $3400 Per Provider


ICD-10 preparation had always been a challenge for healthcare organizations, especially smaller facilities with fewer resources to spare for the complex transition.  But new data from the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management...

ICD-10 Prep Raises Data Quality for Revenue, Population Health


ICD-10 has danced in and out of the spotlight over the past few years as delay after delay has dampened a sense of urgency about the implementation of the new code sets. But with October 1, 2015 looking like a very serious contender for a real...

Big Data Governance Crucial for Healthcare’s Internet of Things


It’s been six years since the number of internet-connected electronic devices surpassed the number of people who own them, the FTC says in a new report, but the Internet of Things is just getting started.  Big data is getting bigger,...

Virtual Clipboard to Tackle Patient Matching, Interoperability


Whether visiting a physician’s office for a simple cough, making a beeline for urgent care, or signing in to the hospital for an elective procedure, one part of the patient experience is nearly always the same: the ritual handoff of the pen...


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