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How to Gather Good Data for Healthcare Claims Accuracy Testing


In the time it takes you to read this sentence, the health care industry will lose about $22,000 to waste, fraud and other issues related to claims accuracy and administration. That’s a $275 billion loss in the United States each year,...

Demographic Data Quality Key in Improving Patient Matching


Increasing patient demographic data quality can lead to significant improvements in patient matching systems, a new Sequoia Project report explains. Through a detailed case study of Intermountain Healthcare’s patient matching...

HIMSS: Don’t Oversimplify EHR Interoperability Data Standards


There is no question that developing a codified set of broadly applicable data standards to improve EHR interoperability and health information exchange is hard work – a challenge that the Office of the National Coordinator and other healthcare...

Stage 3 MU Steadily Loses Favor as EHR Usability Concerns Rise


Support for Stage 3 meaningful use is ebbing to an all-time low as medical societies and prominent stakeholders continue to push back against the program’s ambitious – and some say untenable – implementation timeline and requirements. ...

VA, DOD Data Interoperability Woes Set Questionable Example


After years of watching two of the nation’s largest healthcare systems flounder in front of Congress as they attempt to explain their struggles to meet federal health data interoperability goals, healthcare industry observers could be forgiven...

GAO: VA Patient Panel Setup Limits Data Analytics, Care Access


Unpredictable variation in the sizes of patient panels attributed to primary care providers in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may be restricting patient access to basic services, found a report by the Government Accountability Office...

Information Blocking? Prove It First, Say EHR Vendors to ONC


When it comes to actively blocking health information exchange and interoperability, EHR vendors are innocent until proven guilty, industry representatives from the HIMSS EHR Association (EHRA) asserted in a letter sent to the ONC in response...

Epic, Cerner, More EHR Leaders Agree to Interoperability Metrics


At the KLAS Keystone Summit earlier this month, executives from a dozen major electronic health record vendors have agreed to develop an objective measurement framework for health data interoperability, says a press release recapping the event. ...

CMS Seeks Comments on Merit-Based Incentive Payment System


Healthcare stakeholders who need a little more time to gather their thoughts about the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) may take advantage of an extended comment period, CMS said in a document slated for publication in the Federal...

How to Close Gaps between ACO Measure Sets, Clinical Practice


Accountable care organizations may be all the rage among both public and private payers, but the quality measures used to gauge performance – and dole out shared savings and other reimbursement – are not always as complete, accurate,...

AAFP to ONC: Don’t Blame Docs for EHR Interoperability Woes


No matter how hard they try, family physicians simply can’t make EHR interoperability magically appear when working with substandard software, and shouldn’t be shouldering the blame for the industry’s current data exchange predicament,...

Five Tips for Making the Most of ICD-10 Specificity Changes


ICD-10 is a learning process.  Far from being a one-and-done crisis that started and ended on October 1, the industry is going to be spending the next few months – or years – coming to grips with what the upgraded code set really...

One Week of ICD-10: Docs Grumble, Vendors Relax, Payers Scramble


Is ICD-10 a success so far?  It depends on who you ask.  As the healthcare industry closes out its first full business week under the new code set, anecdotal evidence and preliminary claims data suggest little more than what most stakeholders...

Breaking Down the ONC Health Data Interoperability Roadmap


Over the past few years, health data interoperability has become a top priority for the Office of National Coordinator.  Buffeted by complaints from Congress and industry stakeholders about the deeply entrenched data siloes and proprietary...

CMS Cuts Stage 2 MU Patient Engagement Threshold to One User


The dreaded five percent patient engagement requirement for Stage 2 meaningful use is no more, now that CMS has released its final flexibility rule covering changes to the EHR Incentive Programs between 2015 and 2017.  Despite broad adoption...

HHS Releases 2015 CEHRT, Meaningful Use Flexibility Rules


While it isn’t the Stage 3 meaningful use delay that many stakeholders are anxious to see, HHS has finally allowed the healthcare industry to view and comment on the flexibility provisions for the EhR Incentive Programs, which will primarily...

Big Data Analytics, Accountable Care Need C-Suite Collaboration


Chief Medical Officers and Chief Financial Officers must put aside their differences and embrace a spirit of collaboration if they are to extract maximum value from big data analytics and value-based, accountable care arrangements, according...

ICD-10 is Here, but October 1 Isn’t the Date to Worry About


It’s happened.  ICD-10 is here.  After years of arguments, delays, trepidation, and downright hostility from healthcare providers deeply concerned about their revenue cycles and coder productivity, the last roadblocks to the updated...

HIM Pros Can Help Optimize EHRs, Interpret Big Data Analytics


The health information management profession goes far beyond the simple - or not so simple - act of coding a medical record for billing purposes.  As the healthcare industry begins to recognize the strategic importance of collecting big...

Outsourcing Computer Assisted Coding, CDI Brings 93% of Hospitals Revenue


The vast majority of larger hospitals that have been outsourcing their clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and computer assisted coding (CAC) activities for nine months ahead of the ICD-10 transition have seen significant gains in revenue,...


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