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Study: Community interventions reduce hospital readmissions


Patients who received a tailored care plan and follow-up from a community health worker were more likely to access primary care services and stay out of the hospital, according to a new study published in JAMA this week.  Among patients of lower...

Study: Automated readmissions review not yet sensitive enough


The use of computer algorithms and data analytics to identify preventable hospital readmissions still has a long way to go before it’s accurate and sensitive enough to replace manual review, says a new BMC study by Kaiser Permanente researchers. ...

High physician workload impacts length of stay, cost of care


It takes a lot of stamina and determination to tackle the long hours, fast-paced decision making, and responsibility of being a physician in a hospital setting, but new research published in JAMA this month shows that heaping untenable demands...

CDC: Hospital acquired infection rates decline significantly


Hospital acquired infections related to common procedures and difficult bacteria are on the decline according to a pair of newly released reports by the Centers for Disease Control.  As hospitals attempt to reduce the impact of financial quality...

Pressure ulcer predictive risk score may be inaccurate


A three decade old tool used by nurses to predict patients at risk of pressure ulcers in the ICU may be significantly inaccurate, says a new study from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.  While nurses have long suspected that the Braden...

Hospitals providing inappropriate treatment for infections


Antibiotic-resistant superbugs have changed the way clinicians need to tackle bloodstream infections, but many community hospitals may not be keeping up with newer tactics. A study from researchers at Duke Medicine indicates that more than a...

Study: Thyroid cancer is over-diagnosed and over-treated


While advanced diagnosis tools can help spot dangerous cancers before they spread in order to save lives and reduce the costs and pain associated with latter-stage treatments, sometimes they can be too much of a good thing.  Thyroid cancer...

Accountable care requires outreach and a commitment to change


According to a report released late last month, shared savings among Medicare’s accountable care organizations (ACOs) have topped $380 million in their first year of operation, and the network of above-and-beyond Pioneer ACOs are responsible...

CMS: Help us reform payments to better manage chronic disease


CMS is asking for a little help with its quest to align Medicare reimbursement with quality outcomes, and has released a request for information (RFI) inviting providers to contribute their thoughts.  As diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and...

UPenn plans real-time analytics to prevent antibiotic overuse


The University of Pennsylvania is taking a stand against the misuse of antibiotics by planning to implement real-time data analytics that can held shed light on patterns of drug resistance, over-prescribing, and patient vulnerabilities.  The...

Quality-based payment adjustments pile up for hospitals


CMS is getting serious about using financial penalties to nudge hospitals towards higher quality of care with a slew of payment adjustments starting to pile up in the next few years.  Hospitals have already been affected by two years of...


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