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Healthcare Internet of Things Dominates Top 10 Stories of 2015


Few years have been as eventful for the healthcare industry as 2015.  Between the repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate, the implementation of ICD-10, and the marathon of meaningful use, healthcare providers have been kept very busy reading...

Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine Join for Cancer Insights


Precision medicine is all about developing innovative, individualized treatments in response to a patient’s particular genetic makeup, and nowhere has this approach been more successful so far than in the realm of oncology.  The ability...

IoT, Big Data to Spur Health Data Interoperability in 2016


The upcoming year is likely to be a doozy for the healthcare industry as providers continue to call for increased EHR interoperability, a relief from the relentless pace of meaningful use, and the implementation of better tools for population...

HIMSS Health IT Score Gauges Value of EHR, Big Data Adoption


Healthcare providers looking for an objective way to measure the real worth of their health IT infrastructure need look no further than the new Value Score from HIMSS.  Intended to complement the existing HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical...

Internet of Things Tops 2015 Healthcare Big Data Analytics Trends


Even in a decade filled with milestone events for the healthcare industry, 2015 must certainly stand out as one of the most eventful years for the big data analytics world.  From the raging controversy over the timing of Stage 3 meaningful...

Revenue Cycle Big Data Analytics Bring Insights and Savings


When it comes to big data analytics in the healthcare arena, gaining clinical insights is only half the battle.  Provider organizations attempting to deliver the highest quality care available often operate on razor-thin financial margins...

Can Next-Gen Genomics Ease the Precision Medicine Bottleneck?


The healthcare industry has been diving into the pool of precision medicine with great enthusiasm, setting up dedicated big data analytics centers and genomics research labs to unravel the secrets of life’s greatest mysteries: the impact...

Can Cloud Big Data Analytics Fix Healthcare’s Insight Problem?


Having your head in the clouds is more a complement than a criticism these days as more and more technology services shift off site and into the hands of third-party providers.  For the healthcare industry, the cloud seems a natural fit. ...

How Healthcare Big Data Lakes Aid Population Health, Patient Care


We are all part of the “Information Generation,” a growing community of digital citizens that puts the world’s information at our fingertips.  As both patients and consumers of healthcare information, our expectations for...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Markets Set for Growth


The healthcare industry’s investments in big data analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing technologies, and business intelligence tools are slated to continue their explosive growth through the end of the decade, according to...

AMA Tackles EHR Usability, Physician Burnout, Meaningful Use


The American Medical Association has a lot on its plate as it enters 2016, a year in which the powerhouse organization hopes to solve pressing concerns over EHR usability, widespread physician burnout, and the challenging pace of meaningful use....

Will the Epic Systems “App Orchard” Grow EHR Interoperability?


Epic Systems isn’t necessarily known for its gregarious nature, but a new trademark application for the EHR giant’s upcoming app store may indicate that the company is hoping to branch out a little. After setting the industry abuzz...

Decoding the Top 10 Buzzwords of Healthcare Big Data Analytics


Big data.  The Internet of Things.  Population health management.  Cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing, and informatics.  PQRS, CPOE, MU, BI, and IG.  The healthcare information technology...

Definitive Healthcare Acquires Provider Database Publisher


Definitive Healthcare, a leading source for data analytics and market intelligence in the healthcare space, has announced its acquisition of US Lifeline, which oversees an online healthcare organization database. US Lifeline, a unity of Medical...

DOD Awards $77M Healthcare Big Data Analytics Contract to CACI


True health data interoperability with the VA may still be years away, but the Department of Defense isn’t letting the glacial pace of its sprawling suite of health IT modernization projects sit idle for long.  In pursuit of improved...

Four Big Data Governance Tasks to Prep for the Internet of Things


The healthcare industry isn’t always known as an eager early adopter of new technologies, but it seems to be making an exception for the Internet of Things: a loosely interconnected web of internet enabled devices, which can provide extraordinary...

Tech, Life Sciences Companies Eye Big Data, Internet of Things


Healthcare big data analytics and the Internet of Things are top strategic priorities for more than ninety percent of technology and life sciences developers, according to a new industry survey by law firm White & Case, as remote monitoring,...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics in Med School Marks Turning Point


With all of the comments made about Millennials these days – their unbreakable addiction to technology; the high value they place on meaningful, informed, predictive services; their demand for flexibility and personalized care – it...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Aids Financial IT Benchmarking


Healthcare providers worried about the ongoing costs of implementing, optimizing, and maintaining information technology systems must have an accurate and effective way to gauge the expenses of their initiatives in a standardized, meaningful...

Precision Medicine in Action Brings Rare Disease Cures Closer


Precision medicine has become a popular talking point this year after shining on the Presidential stage in January, but the process of harnessing the healthcare system’s growing insights into genomics and tailored therapies is more than...


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