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Payer Partners for Precision Medicine, Offers Genomics Payments


Independence Blue Cross and NantHealth announced today two new precision medicine initiatives aimed at improving immunotherapy in cancer care. First, the two joined several other industry groups, including academic institutions and large pharma...

Five New Year’s Resolutions for Physicians and Health IT Pros


It’s that time of the year again: time to finish up the last of the Christmas cookies, regret making plans to attend an overpriced New Year’s Eve event, and scribble down those resolutions you absolutely, positively, definitely promise...

Precision Medicine Research a Top Strategic Priority for NIH


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is planning to put precision medicine front and center over the next few years as it helps to build the foundation for the nation’s forays into advanced medical research and tailored, personalized...

4 Patient-Centric Uses for the Healthcare Internet of Things


Whatever you want to call it – a movement, a project, or an inevitability – few healthcare undertakings have inspired as much enthusiasm, skepticism, excitement, and dread as the Internet of Things.  The prospect of billions...

EHR Use, Big Data Analytics Help Hospitals Earn Top EMRAM Marks


Advanced use of electronic health records to improve patient safety, care coordination, HIE, and provider productivity is the hallmark of the upper echelons of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) score, and a number of hospitals have proved...

Genomics, Big Data Bring Precision Medicine to Pediatric Cancer


Precision medicine techniques, including next-generation genomic sequencing, have the potential to revolutionize the development of treatments for seriously ill patients across the spectrum of clinical care.  From neurodegenerative diseases...

Merry Christmas from!


We will return on Monday, December 28, with more of the industry’s best content to tide you over until the New Year. In the meantime, swap out your fuzzy slippers for some sandals, slip on your sunglasses, and distract yourself with some...

Big Data Analytics Improves Chronic Disease Risk Stratification


Population health management – and specifically chronic disease management – depend on the ability of providers to identify patients at high risk of developing costly and harmful conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, and chronic...

5 Questions to Prep for Healthcare Big Data Analytics in 2016


2015 may have been a big year for healthcare big data analytics, but the next twelve months are likely to bring even greater challenges for organizations investing in improved patient care quality strategies while seeking a competitive edge over...

FDA Launches Cloud-Based Genomics, Precision Medicine Portal


The Obama Administration’s national strategy for the advancement of precision medicine has quickly come into focus in 2015, with several top agencies, including the NIH and FDA, laying the big data analytics foundation for a broad push...

Precision Medicine, Big Data Crowdsourcing Bring IT Innovation


Crowdsourcing is nothing new for charities and creative projects across a number of different industries, but it may have special importance for healthcare’s journey into big data analytics and precision medicine.  Gathering large...

Healthcare Internet of Things Dominates Top 10 Stories of 2015


Few years have been as eventful for the healthcare industry as 2015.  Between the repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate, the implementation of ICD-10, and the marathon of meaningful use, healthcare providers have been kept very busy reading...

Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine Join for Cancer Insights


Precision medicine is all about developing innovative, individualized treatments in response to a patient’s particular genetic makeup, and nowhere has this approach been more successful so far than in the realm of oncology.  The ability...

IoT, Big Data to Spur Health Data Interoperability in 2016


The upcoming year is likely to be a doozy for the healthcare industry as providers continue to call for increased EHR interoperability, a relief from the relentless pace of meaningful use, and the implementation of better tools for population...

HIMSS Health IT Score Gauges Value of EHR, Big Data Adoption


Healthcare providers looking for an objective way to measure the real worth of their health IT infrastructure need look no further than the new Value Score from HIMSS.  Intended to complement the existing HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical...

Internet of Things Tops 2015 Healthcare Big Data Analytics Trends


Even in a decade filled with milestone events for the healthcare industry, 2015 must certainly stand out as one of the most eventful years for the big data analytics world.  From the raging controversy over the timing of Stage 3 meaningful...

Revenue Cycle Big Data Analytics Bring Insights and Savings


When it comes to big data analytics in the healthcare arena, gaining clinical insights is only half the battle.  Provider organizations attempting to deliver the highest quality care available often operate on razor-thin financial margins...

Can Next-Gen Genomics Ease the Precision Medicine Bottleneck?


The healthcare industry has been diving into the pool of precision medicine with great enthusiasm, setting up dedicated big data analytics centers and genomics research labs to unravel the secrets of life’s greatest mysteries: the impact...

Can Cloud Big Data Analytics Fix Healthcare’s Insight Problem?


Having your head in the clouds is more a complement than a criticism these days as more and more technology services shift off site and into the hands of third-party providers.  For the healthcare industry, the cloud seems a natural fit. ...

How Healthcare Big Data Lakes Aid Population Health, Patient Care


We are all part of the “Information Generation,” a growing community of digital citizens that puts the world’s information at our fingertips.  As both patients and consumers of healthcare information, our expectations for...


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