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NIH: We’re ready to “mine the big data mountain”

by Jennifer Bresnick

There are few industries in the world as deeply reliant on data as healthcare, and yet there are few industries that have lagged so far behind as medicine when it comes to digitizing, harnessing, examining, and acting upon the avalanche of information...

FDA: Aspirin does not prevent first heart attacks, strokes

by Jennifer Bresnick

The FDA has released a statement counseling patients and providers to reconsider the use of aspirin as an aid for general cardiovascular health.  The over-the-counter drug is not effective for preventing initial cardiovascular events, such as...

All-cause mortality rates in MA drop 3% after healthcare reform

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management begins with ensuring that the maximum number of patients have access to the best possible care, a difficult and politically contentious process that has turned the healthcare industry upside down since the Affordable...

Twitter provides big data for adverse drug event identification

by Jennifer Bresnick

With millions of messages posted worldwide every day, ranging from mundane moaning about the weather to incredibly personal details, few data sources are bigger than Twitter.  Researchers have been interested in tapping this deep pool of unfiltered...

90% of patients would share data for analytics, research

by Jennifer Bresnick

The vast majority of patients are willing to share their personal health information with researchers and physicians to help further the understanding of a disease – and a significant proportion of those people don’t even mind if the data...

NIH to boost role of genomics in research, clinical analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Institutes of Health will be launching a new program this summer aimed at expanding the role of genomics in the identification, research, and treatment of a range of diseases.  Led by Dr. Michael Gottesman, Deputy Director for Intermural...

Chicago area gets $7M to develop patient outcome database

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine are working with the Institute for Public Health and Medicine to turn a $7 million grant into a collaborative patient-centered outcomes database to reduce health disparities and...

Pathologists to study reporting standards with CDC grants

by Jennifer Bresnick

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) has received two grants totaling more than $1.25 million to fund studies focused on adopting evidence-based laboratory testing guidelines and standardizing the reporting of biomarker test results to...

WUSTL granted $8M for genetic, patient data analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine has been granted $8 million from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to fund a large-scale research project examining genetic and lifestyle data from a varied patient population. ...

EHR data boosts link between celiac, coronary artery diseases

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients who suffer from celiac disease are nearly two times as likely to develop coronary artery disease as other patients, according to EHR data examined by Cleveland Clinic researchers.  The low-grade inflammation involved in the condition...

PA health system gets $1M to improve cardiac disease management

by Jennifer Bresnick

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $1 million in grant funding to Allegheny General Hospital to researchers interested in finding methods to better control pulmonary arterial hypertension and other conditions.  Raymond L. Benza,...

Twitter could track HIV outbreaks for population health help

by Jennifer Bresnick

Social media is enjoying some time in the healthcare analytics limelight as researchers turn their attention to Twitter posts and Facebook updates in order to glean important insights about population health.  After being put to the test by...

Pain monitoring database adds analytics to patient care

by Jennifer Bresnick

A database designed to personalize pain treatment may be effective in reducing costs while providing better care to patients with difficult conditions, said Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine during the society’s...

CMS claims, clinical data team up in new analytics database

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) have announced a new collaboration with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services intended to pool vast amounts of clinical and claims data in a linked...

Should Alzheimer’s rank as third leading cause of death?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Alzheimer’s Disease may be having a bigger impact on population health than previously estimated, says a new report from the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), which suggests that the dementia condition actually ranks third on the list of...

Women on oral birth control are 35% more likely to develop MS

by Jennifer Bresnick

A concerning new study from the EHR data banks of the Kaiser Permanente system links oral contraceptive use with a significantly increased chance of developing multiple sclerosis, says post-doctoral research fellow Kerstin Hellwig, MD.  Women...

Poor sleep could lead to diabetes, heart disease in teens

by Jennifer Bresnick

Despite the ongoing stereotype of teenagers as too lazy to do anything but snooze right around the clock, a large majority of adolescents taking part in a University of Michigan study about the effect of weight and sleep on chronic diseases failed...

Obesity may increase care costs when coupled with chest pain

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients with a high body mass index (BMI) who present with chest pain may have higher care costs and spend a longer time in the hospital, says a study from the American Heart Association’s Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes journal.  High...

Study: Pancreatitis patients should be screened for cancer

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients with acute pancreatitis may benefit from a screening for pancreatic cancer after a study found mounting evidence for a link between the two conditions.  Banke Agarwal, MD, of Saint Louis University used EHR data from patients in the...

Will Facebook and Twitter unlock new clues to sleep disorders?

by Jennifer Bresnick

If there’s one thing providers are starting to learn about technology-enabled healthcare, it’s that data is everywhere.  From standardized EHR reporting to remote monitoring sensors to the words that come out of a patient’s...


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