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Smart Pillbox Produces 80% Diabetic Medication Adherence Rate

by Jennifer Bresnick

Diabetic patients taking part in a telehealth program for chronic disease management experienced better blood glucose control and an 80 percent medication adherence rate when using a smart pillbox that alerted providers to their behavior patterns,...

Managing Population Health with the All-Payer Claims Database

by Jennifer Bresnick

While population health management often seems like the job of primary care providers concerned with a relatively small and local set of patients in need of reminder calls and flu shots, individual providers aren’t the only ones digging...

ONC Health IT Interoperability Plan Gathers Fractious Comments

by Jennifer Bresnick

As the healthcare industry moves into the meatier stages of the EHR Incentive Programs, the Office of the National Coordinator has shifted its focus from health IT adoption to health IT interoperability.  After laying out its vision for...

Care Coordination, Patient Engagement Face Lack of Awareness

by Jennifer Bresnick

Only one out of every five patients is fully aware of the number and type of therapeutic services available to them after a new diagnosis, according to a new survey by Accenture, which adds to widespread feelings of frustration and helplessness...

Poor Care Coordination Raises Chronic Disease Costs by $4500

by Jennifer Bresnick

Insufficient patient care coordination can increase the average costs of chronic disease management by more than $4500 over three years, finds a new study published in the American Journal of Managed Care, while failing to provide patients with...

Is the ICD-10 Transition Grace Period Legislation a Necessity?

by Jennifer Bresnick

As the October 1, 2015 deadline draws nearer, the annual flurry of legislative activity around the ICD-10 transition has been picking up as lawmakers volunteer alternatives to the way the implementation process is currently slated to take place. ...

ONC Awards $300K to Chronic Disease Management Projects

by Jennifer Bresnick

Six chronic disease management, patient engagement, and care coordination start-ups will share $300,000 in funding to test pilot their wares with actual healthcare organizations, the ONC announced as part of its first Market R&D Pilot...

How Clinical Analytics, EHRs Produce 90% Hypertension Control

by Jennifer Bresnick

The population health management programs within the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system are famous for achieving significant results, and the Hypertension Program Improvement Process, which has helped close to 90 percent of patients in the network...

Precision Medicine Flourishes with Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Precision medicine, a term introduced to the general public mere months ago during President Obama’s most recent State of the Union address, is no new concept for the healthcare industry.  The ability to tailor treatments to the individual...

Predictive Analytics Reduces Readmissions for Heart Failure

by Jennifer Bresnick

A predictive analytics algorithm developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas can help to lower the rate of preventable 30-day readmissions for congestive heart failure, according to a study published this month in Information...

CMS Issues Last Call for ICD-10 End-to-End Testing Volunteers

by Jennifer Bresnick

CMS has extended the deadline for healthcare providers who wish to volunteer for this summer’s final ICD-10 end-to-end testing week.  In an email to prospective volunteers, CMS urges healthcare organizations to put in their bids to...

Is Maintaining the Patient-Centered Medical Home Worth It?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare providers faced with a quicksand landscape of labor-intensive mandates, changing reimbursements, shrinking revenues, and dammed up data streams have successfully turned to practice improvement frameworks like the patient-centered medical...

Stage 2 MU e-Prescribing Improves Diabetic Patient Safety

by Jennifer Bresnick

Physicians who meet the e-prescribing thresholds of Stage 2 meaningful use are less likely to cause an adverse drug event (ADE) among their diabetic patients, reveals a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association...

Patient Experience Ratings Depend on Big Data Analytics, HIE

by Jennifer Bresnick

Few things make as much of an instant, lasting impression in the mind of a consumer than a five-star rating.  This simple, immediately recognizable system, used to rank everything from electronics to media to tourist attractions, has been...

Care Coordination Market Set to Grow at 26% CAGR until 2020

by Jennifer Bresnick

The market for health information exchange technologies that drive improved care coordination is set to grow at a significant clip as providers seek patient engagement and population health management solutions to solve some of healthcare’s...

PCMH Wins HIMSS Davies Award for Population Health Management

by Kyle O'Leary

Patient-centered medical home (PCMH) Grove Medical Associates has been selected as the 2015 HIMSS Ambulatory Davies Award of Excellence. The prized award selects organizations that have best exemplified EHR-enabled improvements and achieved key...

Five Core Competencies for the Healthcare Internet of Things

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Internet of Things seems made for healthcare.  Millions of smart sensors and devices connected through the internet to provide up-to-the-second data on everything from a patient’s heart rate to how many pills they’ve taken...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics: From Description to Prescription

by Jennifer Bresnick

In the healthcare industry, “big data analytics” is a term that can encompass nearly everything that is done to a piece of information once it begins its digital life.  From flagging drug interactions to predicting sepsis, modeling...

$500K Grant to Support Healthcare Big Data Analytics Research

by Jennifer Bresnick

A cross-country healthcare big data analytics research program headed by Virginia Commonwealth University and funded by a $500,000 planning grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will help to bolster population health management in the...

Nurses Split on EHRs as Benefit for Care Coordination, Safety

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHRs are an important and effective tool to improve care coordination and reduce adverse patient safety events, say more than 70 percent of nurses in a new HIMSS Analytics nursing survey, yet the remaining 30 percent of participants wonder if...


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