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ICD-10 Group Slams “Safe Harbor” Bills, Debunks Coding Myths

by Jennifer Bresnick

Mention the phrase “ICD-10 transition” to a healthcare provider, and most will respond with an instinctive grimace and a few choice words for federal regulators intent on seeing the new code set implemented on October 1, 2015 –...

Can Providers Overcome Vendor Inattention to EHR Usability?

by Jennifer Bresnick

As every provider that has gone through the EHR implementation process is keenly aware, not all electronic health records are created equal.  For many healthcare organizations, especially those that rushed to secure the most possible meaningful...

EHR Chronic Disease Management Tool Boosts Prescriptions by 40%

by Jennifer Bresnick

A simple EHR-based chronic disease management protocol developed by Kaiser Permanente to remind providers about the importance of managing co-morbidities in diabetes patients has increased the rate of prescriptions to lower cholesterol and blood...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Plays Critical Role in Quality

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry has plenty of big data on its hands, but the ability to extract meaningful, actionable insights from this wealth of raw information will be the key to improving quality and patient outcomes across the developing learning...

Data Integrity Worries Mar Life Science Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Physician providers and hospital systems aren’t the only healthcare organizations looking to advance their big data analytics capabilities, and they aren’t the only ones struggling with the complexity and sheer scale of information...

AMA’s Major Challenges: Chronic Disease Management, ICD-10, MU

by Jennifer Bresnick

The dual burdens of chronic disease management on patients and cumbersome regulation on providers are some of the primary challenges that need to be quickly and thoroughly addressed in the coming year, said outgoing American Medical Association...

86% of Providers Aim for Integrated EHR, Practice Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHR replacement continues to be a major force in the health IT market, finds Black Book Rankings in its latest industry survey, as providers attempt to retool their infrastructure to meet the data-heavy demands of value-based reimbursement and...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Key to Accountable Care ROI

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare’s investment in big data analytics is already paying off among those who have also embraced accountable care and value-based reimbursement, finds a new industry survey conducted by the Healthcare Financial Management Association...

Anthem ACOs Save $7.9M with Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Six medical groups participating in Anthem Blue Cross’ Accountable Care Organization (ACO) program were able to save $7.9 million in just one year by focusing on improving population health management for patients suffering multiple chronic...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Driving Billions in Market Growth

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare is at the center of massive predicted growth for the big data analytics marketplace, according to a series of market reports, with cloud computing, mHealth, and computer assisted coding technologies fueling significant investment in...

$112M Grant from HHS, AHRQ to Help Hypertension, Stroke Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Department of Health and Human Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality have announced $112 million in grant funding to support population health management programs related to the reduction of hypertension, heart attacks,...

Are There Financial Benefits to Health Information Exchange?

by Jennifer Bresnick

It is difficult to argue with the notion that health information exchange, in general, is a good idea.  The more data a provider has at her fingertips, the more informed, accurate, and timely her diagnoses and treatments can be. ...

Interoperability, Low Costs Make Cloud-Based EHRs a Favorite

by Jennifer Bresnick

Increased opportunities for health data interoperability, better population health management features, smoother workflows, and lower costs are driving providers towards cloud-based electronic health record systems, says Black Book Rankings in...

Northwestern Receives $15M Population Health Management Grant

by Jennifer Bresnick

With a $15 million grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine will be leading a $15 million population health management research consortium focused on improving...

Five Population Health Use Cases for the Internet of Things

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Internet of Things, that loose conglomeration of internet-enabled mobile and monitoring devices, has found its place in the healthcare industry almost by accident.  Providers and developers looking for population health management solutions...

Real-Time Data Analytics Help Self-Insured System Cut Costs

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals and health systems looking to reduce unnecessary spending by improving population health management have a difficult enough time getting any of their patients to adhere to chronic disease management programs, adopt healthier behaviors,...

Predictive Analytics Identify High Risk Hepatitis C Patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers from the University of Michigan have developed a predictive analytics algorithm that uses basic EHR data to flag patients at high risk of developing complications from the hepatitis C virus (HCV), according to a study published in...

ONC Restructures Health IT Standards Committee into Task Forces

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Office of the National Coordinator is gearing up for change as the six-year-old Health IT Standards Committee (HITSC) moves into a cycle of membership renewal and restructuring, write Jon White, MD, Acting Deputy National Coordinator and...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Opportunities Spark Buying Spree

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare big data analytics is a market of nearly limitless possibilities that is still in its infancy, a fact that has not escaped the notice of technology developers and vendors looking to carve out a foothold for themselves. As the...

Surescripts Ups Patient Safety, Savings with Interoperability

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patient safety is up and the costs of poor care coordination are down as providers increase their use of e-prescribing, health information exchange, and medication reconciliation tools, says a new progress report by Surescripts.  Hospitals...


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