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Chronic Disease Management

14% of Patients Avoid Chronic Disease Management Due to Cost

by Jennifer Bresnick

Fourteen percent of American adults, or more than 16.4 million patients, have avoided seeing a physician for chronic disease management care in the past twelve months due to the cost of such a visit, finds a survey from Harris Poll and SCIO Health...

Chronic Disease Management Lowers Heart Failure Hospital Rates

by Jennifer Bresnick

Better chronic disease management for heart failure patients with one or more comorbidities can lower the risk of those patients ending up back in the hospital after an acute event, finds a study from the American Journal of Managed Care.  While...

Care Coordination Hampered by Inadequate Discharge Summaries

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals do not always provide complete, timely, and accurate discharge summaries to physicians in order to improve patient care coordination for those with heart failure, finds a new study from Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes,...

Chronic Disease Management Complicated by Economic Insecurity

by Jennifer Bresnick

Economic insecurity has a significant effect on chronic disease management and diabetes control, a new study finds. Proper chronic disease management for diabetes is significantly more difficult for patients facing economic insecurity that makes...

Hepatitis C Patients Often Lost along Continuum of Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The continuum of care is failing many hepatitis C patients who do not complete recommended care and treatment protocols. Hepatitis C patients often drop off the radar of healthcare organizations along the continuum of care before receiving adequate...

Medicaid Raises Wellbeing, But Not Chronic Disease Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

The value of Medicaid might not lie in chronic disease management, but the program can raise other quality of life and health factors. Patients with Medicaid coverage may not be much better off in the chronic disease management or physical health...

FDA Approves Blood Test that Predicts Coronary Heart Disease

by Jennifer Bresnick

A blood test that is particularly effective for predicting the development of coronary heart disease (CHD) in black women has passed the FDA’s approval process.  The screening detects levels of a biological marker associated with vascular...

30-Day Readmissions for CHF Cut in Half with Remote Monitoring

by Jennifer Bresnick

Unplanned 30-day readmissions can be significantly reduced through care coordination, telehealth, and remote monitoring. Remote patient monitoring has been instrumental in cutting 30-day readmissions for patients with congestive heart failure...

Predictive Risk Score Targets Highest Cost Patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Predictive risk scores that target expensive patients with chronic diseases can help to make interventions more effective. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have developed a predictive risk score that flags patients likely to incur...

EHRs Can Aid Chronic Disease Management in Urban Settings

by Jennifer Bresnick

Public health departments are often frustrated in their attempts to improve chronic disease management by a lack of data. Public health departments in large urban settings face a number of population health management challenges, but none so...

Should Population Health Management Participation Be Mandatory?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Will a mandatory state population health management program in Maryland improve health for its employees? Starting January 1, 2015, state employees in Maryland will be required to participate in a population health management and wellness program...

Harvard Uses Predictive Analytics to Create Heart Disease Score

by Jennifer Bresnick

A simple survey harnesses predictive analytics to flag the potential for cardiovascular disease in clinically well patients. A new web tool from the Harvard School of Public Health allows patients to discover their risk of developing cardiovascular...

EHR Diagnostic Codes for Diabetes Improve Care Quality

by Jennifer Bresnick

The use of EHR data registries is critical for providing chronic disease management services for patients with diabetes. Using a dedicated diagnostic code within the electronic health record (EHR) to identify diabetes is associated with higher...

Bariatric Surgery Drops Chronic Disease Drug Spending by 22.4%

by Jennifer Bresnick

Weight loss surgery reduces reliance on medications for chronic diseases while cutting overall healthcare costs. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery end up taking fewer medications for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, according...

Drexel, Independence Blue Cross Team Up for Population Health

by Jennifer Bresnick

Researchers in the Philadelphia area will focus on chronic disease management, population health, and quality improvements. Drexel University and Independence Blue Cross have announced a population health management research partnership that...

AMA Launches Diabetes Care Grants for Underserved Patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Seven clinics will receive grant money to help manage prediabetes in patients at risk of developing the costly chronic disease. The American Medical Association (AMA) and AmeriCares have announced a new chronic disease management program aiming...

Five Steps to Get Started with Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management encompasses a wide and varied range of activities, including care coordination, chronic disease management, health information exchange, patient risk stratification, clinical analytics, community outreach, and internal...

Do Hospital-Based Interventions Reduce 30-Day Readmissions?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospital-based interventions may not have a significant impact on 30-day or 90-day readmissions for chronic diseases, one study says. Hospitals may not be able to reduce unplanned 30-day readmissions for chronic disease patients through transitional...

Enacting Effective Strategies for Chronic Disease Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

How can providers turn population health data into meaningful chronic disease management? Hearing the words “population health management” probably brings chronic disease care to mind almost immediately.  Diseases such as diabetes, asthma,...

BCBS Illinois, GI specialty group start care coordination pilot

by Jennifer Bresnick

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has started a care coordination and population health management pilot program with the Illinois Gastroenterology Group (IGG) focusing on managing chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease.  The first...


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