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Chronic Disease Management

Cooperative Chronic Disease Management Aids Renal Patients

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients with more serious forms of chronic kidney disease (CKD) benefit from a cooperative chronic disease management approach that integrates both primary care providers (PCPs) and nephrologists, according to a study published this month in...

Predictive Analytics Flag Patient Medication Adherence Patterns

by Sara Heath

Costing the healthcare industry nearly $337 billion in 2013, medication nonadherence is a serious problem in chronic disease management and population health management. Although it may seem impossible to control whether or not a patient takes...

Mayo Clinic Awards $100K in Population Health Management Prizes

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Mayo Clinic has announced the winners of its Think Big Challenge, a competition to promote health IT startups that bring promising new population health management and chronic disease management strategies to light.  The two winners,...

36% of Patients with Diabetes are Undiagnosed, Unmanaged

by Jennifer Bresnick

More than a third of American patients with diabetes are unaware that they are living with the chronic disease, says new research published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  The worrying statistic, drawn...

Google Takes Aim at Diabetes with Big Data, Internet of Things

by Jennifer Bresnick

Freshly revitalized after Google’s much-discussed reorganization under the Alphabet umbrella, the tech giant’s life science team is once again planning to tackle diabetes with the help of big data analytics and innovative Internet...

How Retail Health Clinics Impact Population Health Management

by Sara Heath

Retail health clinics have seen a surge over the past decade, bringing major changes to the healthcare industry, particularly in the realm of providing low-cost, quality care to patients at a very local level. Recently, retail health clinics...

NYU Receives $2.55M Population Health Management Grant

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded Tara Cortes, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor of geriatric nursing and executive director of the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, a $2.55 million grant to improve population...

Population Health Management New Focus for Retail Clinics

by Sara Heath

Population health management has increasingly become a hot topic in the healthcare industry, as adequate management can not only cut healthcare costs, but help increase the well-being of patients. By making improvements in both medication adherence...

ACC: Big Data, Coordination Key for Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

When it comes to improving the scope and effectiveness of chronic disease management, the American College of Cardiology has an enormous opportunity to effect change among primary care providers and specialists across the healthcare continuum. ...

Can Telehealth Improve Population Health Management, Diagnosis?

by Sara Heath

Two recent surveys conducted by HealthMine give interesting insights into patient engagement and population health management. The studies show the importance of wellness programs and telemedicine in properly diagnosing and controlling illness....

Dell, Baystate Health Partner for Predictive Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Dell Services and Baystate Health are launching a series of new innovation programs focused on leveraging predictive analytics, big data, and telehealth technologies to improve chronic disease management and population health.  TechSpring,...

AMA, White House Boost Chronic Disease Management Efforts

by Jennifer Bresnick

As the White House Conference on Aging gets underway, the American Medical Association (AMA) is helping to promote major efforts to improve chronic disease management for the millions of Americans living with costly conditions such as diabetes,...

Population Health Management Starts with Flagging High Costs

by Jennifer Bresnick

In order to begin an effective population health management initiative, providers must first identify and stratify patients by the costs they incur, says a new white paper by the Health Care Transformation Task Force.  By proactively flagging...

ACC: Care Coordination Vital for Chronic Disease Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Policymakers and healthcare providers must focus on improving strategies for comprehensive care coordination if they are to make headway against the rising tide of chronic disease, says the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in a letter to...

Healthcare Internet of Things Driving Global Market Growth

by Jennifer Bresnick

Whether the healthcare industry is truly aware of it or not, its strong interest in developing and acquiring patient engagement, remote monitoring, chronic disease management, and communication technologies is really working towards cultivating...

Interoperability, Telehealth Key to Chronic Disease Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare system must focus its efforts on improving health data interoperability, boosting patient engagement, and overhauling the nation’s telehealth policies if providers are to succeed with chronic disease management and better...

EHR Chronic Disease Management Tool Boosts Prescriptions by 40%

by Jennifer Bresnick

A simple EHR-based chronic disease management protocol developed by Kaiser Permanente to remind providers about the importance of managing co-morbidities in diabetes patients has increased the rate of prescriptions to lower cholesterol and blood...

mHealth Closing Knowledge Gaps for Chronic Disease Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

mHealth apps are becoming increasingly important in the fight against diabetes and complex patient engagement requirements of chronic disease management, says a new survey by Telcare, as providers attempt to provide patients with the tools they...

How Healthcare Big Data Analytics Is Tackling Chronic Disease

by Jennifer Bresnick

Chronic disease management is the most expensive, fastest growing, and most intractable problem facing healthcare providers in every nation on Earth.  More than 95 percent of the world’s population suffers from one or more chronic...

AMA’s Major Challenges: Chronic Disease Management, ICD-10, MU

by Jennifer Bresnick

The dual burdens of chronic disease management on patients and cumbersome regulation on providers are some of the primary challenges that need to be quickly and thoroughly addressed in the coming year, said outgoing American Medical Association...


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