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Care Coordination

Care Coordination Technique Reduces Medical Errors by 30%

by Jennifer Bresnick

Pediatric residents who used the “I-PASS” system reduced medical errors and improved satisfaction with transitions of care. A simple mnemonic device can help providers improve care coordination and reduce patient safety issues and...

Family Caregivers Significantly Improve Transitions of Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The presence of family caregivers is associated with a higher rate of successful post-hospitalization interventions, a new study finds. Hospitalized patients who had attentive caregivers present during discharge and transition of care activities...

PA Establishes Prescription Drug Database for Care Coordination

by Jennifer Bresnick

The new electronic monitoring database aims to help reduce substance abuse and provide better coordination of care. Pennsylvania will establish a statewide prescription drug database in an attempt to improve care coordination and reduce doctor...

Five Steps to Get Started with Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management encompasses a wide and varied range of activities, including care coordination, chronic disease management, health information exchange, patient risk stratification, clinical analytics, community outreach, and internal...

Do Hospital-Based Interventions Reduce 30-Day Readmissions?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospital-based interventions may not have a significant impact on 30-day or 90-day readmissions for chronic diseases, one study says. Hospitals may not be able to reduce unplanned 30-day readmissions for chronic disease patients through transitional...

CVS to Charge More for Prescriptions Filled at Tobacco Sellers

by Jennifer Bresnick

CVS Health will charge an additional $15 for prescriptions filled at pharmacies that sell tobacco products. CVS Health will be employing a novel population health management technique by charging an additional copay to patients who fill their...

Six Ways to Foster an Environment of Patient-Centered Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Patient Experience Council offers six suggestions for creating a patient-centered care environment for engaged, empowered patients. Patient-centered care and the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) are considered the hallmarks of a newly...

Can Population Health Management Team Up with the Community?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Effective population health management goes far beyond what a healthcare provider can do for a patient in the office, argues Mark B. McClellan, Director of Health Care Innovation and Value Initiatives at the Brookings Institution in a blog post,...

Interoperability, Data Exchange Help Transform Post-Acute Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Developing a seamless, interoperable health IT infrastructure that meets the data exchange needs of a network of post-acute care facilities is a daunting task for a healthcare organization, especially one as large as Consulate Health Care (CHC). ...

CMS Provides $114M Boost to Accountable Care Organizations

by Jennifer Bresnick

Accountable care organizations (ACO) in rural areas will be among the first in line to share up to $114 million from the new ACO Investment Model, according to a CMS announcement, as part of an ongoing effort to improve care coordination, reduce...

BCBS Illinois, GI specialty group start care coordination pilot

by Jennifer Bresnick

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has started a care coordination and population health management pilot program with the Illinois Gastroenterology Group (IGG) focusing on managing chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease.  The first...

UChicago wins $1.55M for hepatitis C population health project

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes Chicago (ECHO-Chicago), a population health management program centered at the University of Chicago, has received $1.55 million in grant money from the CDC to further its work on hepatitis C education...

CMS Innovation Award funds EHR care coordination pilot

by Jennifer Bresnick

Thanks to a three-year Center of Medicare and Medicaid Innovation award, the Association of American Medical Colleges and a group of five academic medical centers will be testing the impact of integrating care coordination features like electronic...

Humana, Iora Health launch accountable care initiative

by Jennifer Bresnick

Iora Health will be opening four clinics in Arizona and Washington State dedicated exclusively to Humana Medicare members after the two organizations reached an agreement to form a new accountable care initiative.  The partnership will focus...

High-cost hepatitis C pill sees 8% non-adherence rate

by Jennifer Bresnick

The 95% effective hepatitis C therapy that made the healthcare industry do a double-take at the $1000-per-day price tag is presenting some serious medication adherence problems for patients who are prescribed the 12-week course of therapy. ...

Managed care heats up in CA with new challenge to Kaiser

by Jennifer Bresnick

Anthem Blue Cross is upping the ante on managed care in California by partnering with providers to create a care plan big enough to rival Kaiser Permanente.  With several big hospitals and other notable clients on board, Anthem hopes to expand...

ONC: Just 28% of patients have online access to health data

by Jennifer Bresnick

Patients are finding it tough to engage with providers through portals or other online access to their medical records, says a new issue brief by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), despite the recent focus on expanding data access...

Clinical quality, patient engagement kick off Health IT Week

by Jennifer Bresnick

National Health IT Week is upon us once again as the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) invites industry stakeholders to discuss the most pressing healthcare technology and delivery questions facing patients and providers.  With five themed...

Population health management boosts Medicaid patient engagement

by Jennifer Bresnick

A data-driven population health management program targeted to Medicaid patients in Oregon has successfully improved patient engagement, enhanced patient-provider communications, and raised HEDIS scores for chronic disease sufferers, according...

Aetna, Weill Cornell announce accountable care agreement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Aetna and more than 1200 Weill Cornell physicians will collaborate on a newly announced accountable care agreement, the payer says, intended to boost the coordination of care and provide higher quality services to more than 9000 New York patients...


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