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Analytics Infrastructure

Market Growth Ahead for Healthcare Big Data, Internet of Things

by Jennifer Bresnick

As healthcare big data analytics competencies become more and more important for the provider community, opportunities for sales and installations are growing accordingly.  Despite financial constraints and the looming threat of disruptive...

Are Big Data, Genomics, Precision Medicine the Cure for Cancer?

by Jennifer Bresnick

A cure for cancer has always been one of the most elusive goals in healthcare, but new big data analytics solutions from a fresh wave of innovators may be bringing clinicians and patients closer than ever to critical breakthroughs in the treatment...

Providers Seek EHR Population Health, Patient Engagement Tools

by Jennifer Bresnick

Close to twenty percent of providers practicing at large ambulatory clinics are willing to rip out and replace their electronic health records in order to get access to better population health management, patient engagement, and EHR interoperability...

Maine HIE Expands Real-Time Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Maine’s state health information exchange, HealthInfoNet, has always been a pioneer in the healthcare big data analytics space.  As one of the first HIEs to achieve financial sustainability by offering a wide range of data-based services...

EHR Interoperability, Data Standards Vital for DOD, VA Success

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Department of Defense may have just pledged between four and nine billion dollars to modernizing its EHR infrastructure with Leidos, Cerner, and Accenture over the next decade, but it must make a further commitment to EHR interoperability...

ONC: Hospital HIE, EHR Interoperability Reaches 40 Percent

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHR interoperability and health information exchange in the hospital setting are on the rise as electronic health records become nearly universal, says ONC Interoperability and Exchange Portfolio Manager Erica Galvez in a new Health IT Buzz blog...

Accountable Care, Big Data Analytics Attract Vendor Attention

by Jennifer Bresnick

Product vendors and service providers targeting the healthcare systems’ growing appetite for advanced big data analytics and accountable care capabilities are continuing to make strategic moves in a swiftly changing marketplace.  ...

Will Meaningful Use Disgruntlement Delay Precision Medicine?

by Jennifer Bresnick

EHRs and meaningful use simply don’t make anyone happy, if the latest in a long line of dismal survey results is to be believed.  Torturous interfaces, unbreakable data siloes, endless quality reporting requirements, and untenable...

Balancing Access and Insight for Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

When it comes to healthcare big data analytics, “more” isn’t necessarily “better.”  Extracting actionable insights from data is a struggle for everyone, no matter how complex, seamless, and sophisticated a health...

“Most Wired” Hospital Turns to Integration, Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Each year, choosing the healthcare organizations that make it onto the Hospitals & Health Networks “Most Wired” list must get a little more difficult.  As providers strive to develop integrated EHR infrastructure and start...

77% of Patients Experience Inaccurate EHR Medication Reconciliation

by Jennifer Bresnick

A study published this month in the American Journal of Managed Care found that more than three quarters of patients experienced a medication reconciliation discrepancy when researchers compared EHR data with pharmacy claims data.   Active...

IBM Boosts Big Data, Imaging Knowhow with $1B Merge Acquisition

by Jennifer Bresnick

IBM continues to make big moves into the healthcare big data analytics space, leveraging its Watson supercomputing platform to provide clinical decision support and machine learning services to a growing number of stakeholders.  In a press...

What Are the 3 Critical Keys to Healthcare Big Data Analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare big data analytics isn’t just a “use it or lose it” proposition for the provider community – it’s quickly becoming a “use it if you want to hold on to anything at all” situation for organizations...

EHR Interoperability, HIE Criteria Prompt Stage 3 MU Concerns

by Jennifer Bresnick

Currently available EHR technologies do not have the interoperability and bi-directional health information exchange capabilities to meet criteria included in the proposed Stage 3 meaningful use rule, state a coalition of health IT stakeholders...

Calls for Stage 3 Meaningful Use Delay Intensify with New Bill

by Jennifer Bresnick

Congress is doubling down on its calls to pull the emergency brake on Stage 3 meaningful use with a new piece of legislation that would delay rulemaking for the third segment of the EHR Incentive Programs until at least 2017.  This week,...

Understanding the Growth, Value of Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Healthcare big data analytics,” just like “population health management,” is a term that means a hundred different things to a hundred different people.  Big data is such a pervasive buzzword – and such an...

Did Early Interoperability Focus Help Cerner Beat Epic at DOD?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Department of Defense has made what many industry hawks might consider a surprising move.  Today, DOD officials announced that the Pentagon has awarded its $9 billion EHR modernization contract to Leidos Health Solutions Group,...

Why Can’t Providers Trust Their Healthcare Big Data Analytics?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations have not yet overcome the enormous difficulties of developing a big data analytics ecosystem in the healthcare industry, according to new research from KPMG, and continue to suffer from a lack of trust in the integrity...

Does Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation Take Too Long?

by Jennifer Bresnick

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is often lauded as one of the most effective frameworks for practice transformation.  Integrating health IT and data analytics with population health management and care coordination strategies, the...

CDPH Partners with St. Joseph Health in Cancer Data Registry

by Sara Heath

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced a first of its kind partnership with St. Joseph Health to track cancer trends around the state of California. The historic program, announced in a press release on July 27, is the first...


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