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Familiar Faces Win Best in KLAS for EHRs, Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

The electronic health records market has long been dominated by a few recognizable giants, but the healthcare big data analytics vendor landscape has always been somewhat more fragmented as new technologies continue to evolve and innovative leaders...

How Accountable Care Impacts Population Health Management

by Jennifer Bresnick

It’s no secret that value-based reimbursement and population health management go hand-in-hand as two of the primary drivers of quality reform, but it hasn’t always been easy to get providers to embrace the risk involved in making...

Healthcare Internet of Things, EHR Markets to See Rapid Growth

by Sara Heath

The healthcare IT systems market looks like it will see growth during the next five years, as population health management, the healthcare Internet of Things, and the EHR markets all expect at least a modest compound annual growth rate in the...

VA Streamlines Care Coordination with New Health IT System

by Jennifer Bresnick

Care coordination has always been a struggle for healthcare organizations seeking to transfer patients from one provider setting to another, and the process if often complicated by poor communication, administrative red tape, and convoluted documentation...

Can Senate Health Data Interoperability Proposals Improve HIE?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Health data interoperability owes a significant debt to the Senate Health Committee, which has been instrumental in goading the industry towards improved health information exchange over the past year or so. Through a series of high-profile public...

What are the Biggest Population Health Management Pain Points?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Population health management, health data interoperability, and accountable care may take first, second, and third place on the list of pressing priorities for the healthcare industry, but that doesn’t mean they are having an easy time...

Are Healthcare Providers Interested in Precision Medicine?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Precision medicine may not be capturing the healthcare industry’s collective imagination quite as completely as President Obama might hope, according to a new survey by Health Catalyst.  While some pioneering researchers and providers...

HL7, ONC Seek Entries for C-CDA Data Visualization Challenge

by Jennifer Bresnick

Standard protocols that allow health information exchange EHR interoperability are all very well and good, but they do little to truly aid clinical care if the resulting data is unreadable to human providers.  While the Consolidated Clinical...

HIMSS Tool Offers New Healthcare Business Intelligence Insights

by Jennifer Bresnick

HIMSS Analytics is adding to a heap of new offerings by introducing a tool that will allow healthcare organizations to glean deeper business intelligence insights from its storehouse of provider data.  Logic, billed as a “comprehensive...

Picture Archive Communication System Use Widespread in Hospitals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals may be struggling to put many big data analytics technologies in place at the moment, but one tool that seems to have taken permanent root in most organizations is Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) technology. According to...

Half of HIM Pros Face Patient Matching, Data Integrity Issues

by Jennifer Bresnick

More than half of health information management professionals routinely face problems related to patient matching, record duplication, and other data integrity shortfalls, reveals a new survey by AHIMA.  Nearly three-quarters of those HIM...

MA Unveils Healthcare Big Data Analytics, EHR Innovation Project

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is setting its sights on becoming the cornerstone of the nation’s digital healthcare sector, officials announced yesterday, by launching a new public-private initiative to foster innovation in the development...

Examining Ambulatory EHR Vendor, Big Data Adoption Trends

by Jennifer Bresnick

Even as the healthcare industry celebrates the start of 2016, provider organizations are keeping a wary eye on the future of the EHR technology market.  Almost before they know it, physicians may be forced to upgrade their electronic health...

Will the IoT Bring a Patient Engagement, Interoperability Revolution?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare, at its most fundamental level, has always been about making connections.  Whether it’s the comforting hand of nurse reassuring a patient with a poor diagnosis, a researcher putting disparate data sets together to discover...

Value Score Moves from EHR Adoption into Real Health IT Value

by Jennifer Bresnick

Asking a healthcare professional how their electronic health record has brought value to their daily routine is a question that may garner more glares and frowns than happy responses.  Provider dissatisfaction with the EHR ecosystem is nothing...

EHR Use, Big Data Analytics Help Hospitals Earn Top EMRAM Marks

by Jennifer Bresnick

Advanced use of electronic health records to improve patient safety, care coordination, HIE, and provider productivity is the hallmark of the upper echelons of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) score, and a number of hospitals have proved...

53% of Patients Say They Cannot Access Their EHR Data Online

by Jennifer Bresnick

Despite the widespread adoption of electronic health records and a nationwide push to engage patients through online portals, fifty-three percent of patients participating in a new HealthMine poll do not have online access to all their EHR data,...

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Healthcare Big Data Analytics Pro

by Jennifer Bresnick

There may be only a few short hours left until Amazon stops guaranteeing deliveries by Christmas Day, but that’s still plenty of time to scratch the last few items off your list.  Ergonomic keyboards for your medical coders? ...

How Monitoring Wire Data Aids Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

When it comes to the healthcare industry, developing an effective, efficient, stable, and easily scalable big data analytics infrastructure is an infinitely complicated proposition.   From vendor selection to product implementation to the...

Evaluating the Current State of Health Data Interoperability

by Jennifer Bresnick

Health data interoperability has always been a thorny subject for providers frustrated by their lack of access to complete and accurate patient data – not to mention a prickly topic for vendors raising their hackles against a barrage of...


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