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Big Data Analytics, Precision Medicine Join for Cancer Insights

by Jennifer Bresnick

Precision medicine is all about developing innovative, individualized treatments in response to a patient’s particular genetic makeup, and nowhere has this approach been more successful so far than in the realm of oncology.  The ability...

Carequality Releases New Health IT Interoperability Framework

by Jennifer Bresnick

Carequality, a cross-industry health IT interoperability partnership, is forging ahead with its mission to bring improved data sharing, big data analytics capabilities, and health information exchange to providers nationwide.  Today, the...

Physicians, Lawmakers Rally to Retool Stage 3 Meaningful Use

by Jennifer Bresnick

The year may be winding down as the healthcare industry approaches the holidays, but providers, lawmakers, and advocacy groups are not easing up on the pressure to hit the brakes on Stage 3 meaningful use.  The last step of the EHR Incentive...

HIMSS Health IT Score Gauges Value of EHR, Big Data Adoption

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare providers looking for an objective way to measure the real worth of their health IT infrastructure need look no further than the new Value Score from HIMSS.  Intended to complement the existing HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical...

Can Cloud Big Data Analytics Fix Healthcare’s Insight Problem?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Having your head in the clouds is more a complement than a criticism these days as more and more technology services shift off site and into the hands of third-party providers.  For the healthcare industry, the cloud seems a natural fit. ...

How Healthcare Big Data Lakes Aid Population Health, Patient Care

by Roberta Katz

We are all part of the “Information Generation,” a growing community of digital citizens that puts the world’s information at our fingertips.  As both patients and consumers of healthcare information, our expectations for...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud Markets Set for Growth

by Jennifer Bresnick

The healthcare industry’s investments in big data analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing technologies, and business intelligence tools are slated to continue their explosive growth through the end of the decade, according to...

10 Healthcare Big Data Analytics Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals are trimming costs and cutting down on manpower requirements by outsourcing many of their healthcare big data analytics infrastructure, software, and application support needs, Black Book Research finds in a new poll, but the tactic...

3 Ways to Win the EHR, Health IT Argument on Thanksgiving

by Jennifer Bresnick

There are a few universal truths about the great American Thanksgiving holiday.  The turkey is never cooked just right, the TV is on too loud, there’s that one family member that will show up late to the party – and someone,...

DOD Meets Electronic Health Record Interoperability Goal

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Department of Defense has hit a major milestone in its ongoing pursuit of EHR interoperability, officials announced this week, by successfully standing up the Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV), a web-based tool that allows clinicians to see records...

Payers Wary of Outsourcing Big Data Analytics, Health IT Tasks

by Jennifer Bresnick

Payers may be rapidly embracing the importance of big data analytics for population health management and cost-cutting measures, but they are not entirely willing to put their technologies completely in the hands of offshore service and software...

Greenway Adds CommonWell Interoperability Services to EHR

by Jennifer Bresnick

The CommonWell Health Alliance’s interoperability services are now available to certain customers of another major EHR vendor, Greenway Health announced this week, making care coordination and health information exchange that much easier...

Which Vendors Lead the Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Hospitals and health systems are snapping up big data analytics and population health management technologies at a breakneck pace as they prepare to meet the challenges of value-based reimbursement, regulatory reform, and demanding patient expectations. ...

Big Data Visualization Improves ED Patient Flow, Satisfaction

by Jennifer Bresnick

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is a familiar and powerful adage for data scientists and statisticians across many different industries, but it’s a message that the healthcare system is just starting...

Will the Epic Systems “App Orchard” Grow EHR Interoperability?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Epic Systems isn’t necessarily known for its gregarious nature, but a new trademark application for the EHR giant’s upcoming app store may indicate that the company is hoping to branch out a little. After setting the industry abuzz...

Decoding the Top 10 Buzzwords of Healthcare Big Data Analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Big data.  The Internet of Things.  Population health management.  Cognitive computing, machine learning, natural language processing, and informatics.  PQRS, CPOE, MU, BI, and IG.  The healthcare information technology...

Small, Rural Hospitals Continue EHR Adoption, HIE Struggles

by Jennifer Bresnick

The nation’s smallest and most isolated hospitals are still significantly behind the EHR adoption curve, though healthcare providers have made admirable strides towards implementing health information technologies that can help them attest...

Why are EHR Alerts, Clinical Decision Support So Ineffective?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Backed by sophisticated big data analytics algorithms and advanced clinical know-how, EHR alerts are supposed to be the solution to the deadly problems of adverse drug events and inappropriate prescribing.  Clinical decision support features...

Top Five Reasons Why Providers Hate the EHR Incentive Programs

by Jennifer Bresnick

“Hate” may seem like a strong word to use for describing a series of regulations intended to improve the quality and delivery of patient care, but it barely scratches the surface for many providers responding to the public comment...

DOD Awards $77M Healthcare Big Data Analytics Contract to CACI

by Jennifer Bresnick

True health data interoperability with the VA may still be years away, but the Department of Defense isn’t letting the glacial pace of its sprawling suite of health IT modernization projects sit idle for long.  In pursuit of improved...


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