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Accountable Care

ACO facilitators provide valuable help for finances, analytics

by Jennifer Bresnick

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are popping up left, right, and center as providers band together to accept risk and leverage the power of partnerships to face the myriad challenges of a changing industry.  From improving care quality...

Accountable care leader Geisinger announces CEO departure

by Jennifer Bresnick

Geisinger Health System, one of the nation’s shining beacons of integrated healthcare delivery, is undergoing some significant changes as it announces the departure of Dr. Glenn Steele Jr., President and CEO in 2015.  Steele has served as...

Accountable care extends Medicare hospital funds to 2030

by Jennifer Bresnick

Thanks to accountable care initiatives, better care coordination, and a reduction in 30-day readmissions, Medicare’s Part A hospital trust fund will be financially solvent until 2030, four years longer than previously anticipated, says a new...

Five essentials for building the patient-centered medical home

by Jennifer Bresnick

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is becoming one of the most coveted recognitions for healthcare providers in urgent need of better ways to manage population health, close care gaps, and reduce wasteful spending.  As evidence of the...

How can expanding internet access address health disparities?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Overcoming the divide between patients who have regular broadband internet access and those who do not could be a key factor in decreasing health disparities and improving overall health literacy, argues a Harvard professor of public health. ...

How are providers using EHRs, HIE for population health?

by Jennifer Bresnick

While “population health management” may be one of those terms that means something different to each person who hears it, the words capture the overall spirit and momentum of healthcare reform in a unique way.  Providers are thinking big...

Case study: PCMH transformation relied on teamwork, technology

by Jennifer Bresnick

The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model is emerging as one of the most effective tools for a healthcare organization interested in population health management, accountable care, and process improvements that may ultimately lower costs...

60% of new ACA patients have already accessed primary care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Affordable Care Act seems to be having an immediate and impactful effect on the number of uninsured patients and those who could not afford to access primary care providers, according to new data from the Commonwealth Fund.  Sixty percent...

Can upfront cancer care payment cut costs by 34 percent?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Bundled payments for cancer treatments, which covered an entire “episode of care” for a single patient, resulted in a 34% reduction of overall medical costs, says a report detailing the outcomes of a three-year study conducted by national...

Hospital quality experts see fewer readmissions as top goal

by Jennifer Bresnick

Reducing preventable readmissions is one of the most important goals for cutting healthcare costs, says a poll of healthcare quality improvement experts by ASQ, and should be a top priority for healthcare organizations seeking to tighten up their...

Study: Patient navigators pay for themselves in two months

by Jennifer Bresnick

For many patients with complex needs, the “care continuum” is anything but a smooth, easily understandable stream of seamless coordination between providers.  Even figuring out which provider to contact when a new ailment pops...

Survey: CMIOs feeling crunched by finding value in health IT

by Jennifer Bresnick

While chief medical information officers (CMIOs) are generally satisfied with their role in fostering clinical analytics and overseeing health IT infrastructures in hospitals and health systems, they are also feeling a little bit pinched by the...

33% of providers think accountable care will tank profits

by Jennifer Bresnick

A third of healthcare representatives polled by KPMG believe that value-based reimbursement arrangements will have a negative effect on the revenue cycle, with 12% anticipating a drop of 10% or more in reimbursements.  While accountable care...

Mostashari raises $4.5M for new accountable care startup

by Jennifer Bresnick

Former ONC chief Dr. Farzad Mostashari is hoping to encourage the formation of accountable care organizations (ACOs) by hiring out his health IT expertise to physicians through a new startup company called Aledade.  With $4.5 million of investment...

US ranks last in international care access, quality report

by Jennifer Bresnick

The United States healthcare system has a little bit of soul searching to do after it ranked dead last for efficiency, equity, and overall health on the Commonwealth Fund’s latest international report.  Compared to ten other developed...

Humana, UC San Diego enter accountable care agreement

by Jennifer Bresnick

Humana and the UC San Diego Health System have entered an accountable care agreement to focus on improving outcomes and lowering costs for Southern California patients.  The only academic medical system in the region, UCSD consists of two major...

Can healthcare model patient engagement on other industries?

by Jennifer Bresnick

You don’t have to be an avid coupon-clipper to know that getting rewards for taking small actions is a nice feeling.  The idea of earning points, discounts, and free merchandise for allowing yourself to be trained into doing what retailers...

PCMH model, EHRs provide better care for patients, study says

by Jennifer Bresnick

Providers functioning under the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model and aided by electronic health records (EHRs) typically provide better care than less coordinated peers, finds a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. ...

Data analytics, governance key to value-based payment reform

by Jennifer Bresnick

More than three-fourths of providers believe that a strong foundation of data analytics and health information governance is critical for the success of value-based payment reform, found an industry survey by Availity.  While the majority...

Geisinger, AtlantiCare join for population health management

by Jennifer Bresnick

South Jersey-based AtlantiCare Health System has signed a strategic agreement with Pennsylvania heavyweight Geisinger Health System to explore new models of financial reimbursement, increase health IT adoption, and further integrate clinical...


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