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Accountable Care

Midwest Takes the Lead in Accountable Care Collaboration

by Jennifer Bresnick

The adoption of accountable care principles may not be top priority for many healthcare organizations, but for a number of providers in the Midwestern states, the process of forming new collaborations to improve quality, boost care coordination,...

Creating a Strategy to Raise Patient Engagement, Satisfaction

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are quickly learning that the idea of a one-and-done patient consult is becoming a thing of the past.  As outcomes-based reimbursement begins to account for more and more of a provider’s financial landscape and picky...

Patient Engagement Isn’t Easy When mHealth Apps are Subpar

by Jennifer Bresnick

How can providers foster true patient engagement in an uncontrolled landscape of mHealth app adoption? Mobile health apps may be considered one of the key elements of a truly effective patient engagement strategy, but the unregulated and cluttered...

Evidence Grows for the Effective Patient-Centered Medical Home

by Jennifer Bresnick

How effective is the patient-centered medical home? A series of studies argue that coordinated care is worth the effort. The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) has become a widely-used frameworks for a healthcare organization’s transition...

89 Accountable Care Organizations Join Medicare Savings Program

by Jennifer Bresnick

Eighty-nine new accountable care organizations (ACOs) will take part in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2015, CMS says. The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) will be expanding significantly with the addition of 89 new accountable...

Humana, United Hospital Form Accountable Care Agreement

by Stephanie Reardon

Humana, Inc. and United Hospital System will enact a new three-year Accountable Care agreement and partnership, effective January 1, 2015. The rising cost of health care is often at the forefront of the challenges that providers face each year....

Patient Engagement Starts with Providers Talking about Portals

by Jennifer Bresnick

Providers must take the lead in educating their patients about the existence, use, and benefits of online portals if they wish to reap the rewards of a knowledgeable patient who is active in her own care, finds the most recent annual survey from...

UnitedHealthcare Expands Bundled Payments for Cancer Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Bundled payments for cancer care aim to reduce costs, improve standardization of treatments, and encourage transparency. UnitedHealthcare is expanding its bundled payments program for cancer treatments as part of its continued push towards bringing...

New Accountable Care Group to Challenge Wisconsin Landscape

by Jennifer Bresnick

Two competing accountable care networks are taking shape in Wisconsin to promote integrated healthcare delivery and lower costs for the region’s patients.  While the seven-member abouthealth group grabbed headlines earlier this month, it will...

Payers Say Healthcare Data Analytics Is “Unprepared to Evolve”

by Jennifer Bresnick

Why do payers think that healthcare data analytics won’t be able to rise to the challenges of cost-cutting and other reforms? Healthcare might be at the very beginning of its journey towards leveraging data analytics for everyday patient...

WI Hospitals Partner for Accountable Care, Population Health

by Jennifer Bresnick

A group of seven Wisconsin hospitals and health systems have formed a strategic partnership focused on providing accountable care and improved population health management to the nearly 90% of patients in the state that fall under their purview. ...

Care Quality Tops Expenses for Patients Seeking Physicians

by Jennifer Bresnick

Forty-two percent of patients now use online reviews to judge a provider’s listening skills, office environment, and care quality. Nearly half of patients would be willing to potentially spend more money to go out of their insurance coverage...

Summit Medical, Humana Form Accountable Care Organization

by Jennifer Bresnick

Humana Medicare Advantage members in Tennessee who receive services at Summit Medical Group will now be covered under a new accountable care organization (ACO), the organizations announced this week.  Starting January 1, 2015, the seven-year...

Clinical Analytics Adoption Lags behind Accountable Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Value-based reimbursement is moving quickly towards the mainstream, but organizations lack the clinical analytics technology to help them make the switch. Most providers agree that value-based reimbursement is on track to take over the healthcare...

Benefits and Challenges of the Patient-Centered Medical Home

by Jennifer Bresnick

How can providers overcome the challenges of creating the patient-centered medical home? There are a lot of good things to be said for the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model, which has been credited with reducing healthcare costs, boosting...

Does Accountable Care Improve Hospital Quality for Minorities?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Pay-for-performance reimbursement structures are associated with gains in quality and reduced mortality for minority patients, says a new study. Accountable care and value-based incentives are sweeping through the healthcare industry at a rapid...

Five Questions to Assess Your Readiness for Accountable Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

Is your healthcare organization prepared to take on the technical and cultural changes involved in accountable care? Both payers and healthcare providers are starting to embrace accountable care arrangements as a way to drive down costs, improve...

Six Ways to Foster an Environment of Patient-Centered Care

by Jennifer Bresnick

The Patient Experience Council offers six suggestions for creating a patient-centered care environment for engaged, empowered patients. Patient-centered care and the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) are considered the hallmarks of a newly...

Can Population Health Management Team Up with the Community?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Effective population health management goes far beyond what a healthcare provider can do for a patient in the office, argues Mark B. McClellan, Director of Health Care Innovation and Value Initiatives at the Brookings Institution in a blog post,...

Radiology data brings business intelligence to accountable care

by Jennifer Bresnick

In a world where pay-for-performance contracts and accountable care arrangements now dictate how many hospitals are getting paid, the more data available to a healthcare organization, the better their business decisions can be.  Understanding...


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