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Infographic: Speed Dating Health Analytics Vendors: What to Look for Before You Say “Yes”

Value-based care has many benefits, but it’s a massive undertaking. Healthcare organizations need outside help, especially with the data side, but choosing a partner can be overwhelming. This infographic breaks down three main qualities... Download white paper

Case Study: CMO Montefiore Care Management: Measuring ACO Success

The Montefiore ACO has consistently been one of the top-performing Pioneer ACOs in the country. Under CMS' Pioneer ACO Model program, they had to report on quality and prove their program lowered costs. To do this, they turned raw data from... Download white paper

Take Action: How Predictive Analytics Can Help You Improve Healthcare Value

Predictive analytics can help you identify who will be your most vulnerable, high-cost members. But not all predictive analytics help your physicians know what to do next. This eBook breaks down the traits of predictive analytics that can help... Download white paper

Case Study: Auburn Community Hospital - Using Data to Drive Results

Deploying data to drive decisions, take action and measure results was at the heart of ACH’s challenge. The vice president of Quality and Care Transitions, working with the CFO, recognized the important role that data and analytics would... Download white paper

Using Analytics to Get Started with Population Health

As a leader of a care delivery system—regardless of size—your organization is moving from volume- to value-based care and into the world of population health. As you do so, an analytics platform is absolutely critical. There are hundreds... Download white paper

Governance in Healthcare: A Critical Capability

Data complexity and velocity, along with the imperative of confidentiality, create complicated and unique circumstances for healthcare organizations. Governance of back-end processes that capture, cleanse, and consolidate data is critical to... Download white paper

Maximize the Value of Epic Data: Self-Service Analytics - More Action, Less Expense

Hundreds of millions of patients have an electronic health record (EHR) in software developed by Epic Systems Corporation, making it the dominant vendor. Its full suite of products—covering operational and clinical activities— generates... Download white paper

The Cloud Evolution in Healthcare

Are Healthcare organizations ready to embrace the cloud, or are the perceived risks still pushing out the tipping point of adoption?  In this eBook, Level 3 partners with HIMSS Analytics to shed light on where we’ve been, where we... Download white paper

Making Data Actionable to Improve Provider and Member Engagement

The healthcare industry is in a period of transition. Payers are working to implement forms of value-based care and manage the health of populations at a time when both providers and patients are assuming responsibility in the decision-making... View webcast

The Healthcare Landscape has Changed: Use your Own Data to Rewrite the Map

Significant changes in healthcare have forever altered how the industry operates. Especially when it comes to reducing costs, improving quality of care, and meeting regulatory requirements. To navigate this new landscape successfully, you need... Download white paper

Case Study: Steward Health Care Diagnoses Application Issues with Insights from Wire Data

Steward Health Care System has grown rapidly—more than doubling the number of hospitals in its network over the last four years. In addition to this rapid growth, Steward Health Care has had to manage a wide proliferation of mobile devices—from... Download white paper

Healthcare Analytics: 3 Key Drivers and Opportunities

Providing quality health services to a large and varied population takes clinical and operational expertise. Healthcare institutions must control operating costs, improve medical outcomes and raise patient satisfaction while meeting the never-ending... Download white paper

From Information to Insight:  MACRA, Analytics and the Move from Volume to Value

Advances in technology have provided healthcare organizations with a myriad of disparate systems from which to get information. While the volume of data has grown exponentially in recent years, the availability and access to that data has dropped... View webcast

Infographic: 10 Things You Need to Know About MACRA

Finally figuring out PQRS, VM, and MU? Don't get too comfortable. The new MACRA ruling creates a whole new framework to drive providers to value-based care. Medical practices need to understand and prepare for this complex mandate or suffer... Download white paper

Best Practices for Building an IT Infrastructure to Support Digital Transformation

Patients receive care at numerous locations from myriad providers, yet their digital health information is unable to move easily alongside them as a result of limitations in connectivity and the ability to share information securely between providers.... Download white paper

EPCS Success: Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital of Plattsburgh, NY shares implementation success

Now that ePrescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is legal in all 50 states, healthcare organizations are moving to e-prescribing in an effort to recognize the many benefits which it offers, including fast and convenient prescribing workflows,... View webcast

Improving Patient Care with Positive Patient Identification

Efficient, quality care starts with positive patient identification. Healthcare can only be effective if the right care is provided to the right patient, using the right patient information. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations are saddled... Download white paper

Thriving as an Independent Practice: The 5 Keys to Success

In a recent Epocrates survey, 58% of doctors said they prefer independent practice to employment, and indications suggest the outlook for independent providers may be improving. And According to data from the athenaHealth network, independent... Download white paper

Leading Vendors in the Healthcare Big Data Analytics Sector

There is no shortage of big data analytics and population health management technology vendors these days. That’s good news for hospitals and health systems, which require specific solutions for their unique day-to-day needs. Download this... Download white paper

An Analysis of the U.S. Prescription Drug Market by Drug, Manufacturer and Provider

In 2015 the U.S. prescription drug market was estimated to be worth $328 billion, and represent 10% of all national health expenditures, according to CMS. Using Medicare Part D data, this whitepaper analyzes the prescription drug market by drug,... Download white paper

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