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Improving Patient Experience through Routine Care Communication

One of the greatest opportunities to strengthen the provider-patient relationship lies in between-visit communication, including outreach that encourages patients to schedule screenings, immunizations and other preventive appointments. In fact,... View webcast

A Roadmap for Physician Revenue Cycle Success at the Point of Service

Processing patient revenue is a task that involves multiple inputs and sometimes multiple vendors at different parts of the process. Whether an independent practice or a large physician group, having the right people, process, and technology... Download white paper

A Roadmap for Hospital Revenue Cycle Success at the Point of Service

Processing patient revenue is a task that involves multiple inputs and sometimes multiple vendors at different parts of the process. Whether an independent specialty hospital or a large health system, having the right people process and technology... Download white paper

The Definitive Guide to Policy Management for Healthcare

If you are looking for a deeper understanding of how to effectively and efficiently manage your hospital’s employee handbook, code of conduct, and policies and procedures, The Definitive Guide to Policy Management for Healthcare is your... Download white paper

2015 Ethics & Compliance Healthcare Policy Management Benchmark Report

With surprising new metrics and insights, this report explores what best-in-class healthcare organizations are doing to simplify policy-related tasks, address their most difficult challenges and measure the effectiveness of their program. In... Download white paper

Thriving as an Independent Practice: The 5 Keys to Success

Despite the challenges, most doctors want to be independent. In a recent Epocrates survey, 58% said they prefer independent practice to employment. Indications suggest the outlook for independent providers may be improving. 2014 showed signs... Download white paper

The Reimagined EHR: Improving the Physician Experience

Few aspects of the physician experience are as widely reviled as the electronic health record (EHR). What should be a useful technological advance is seen by most doctors as a necessary evil - a ubiquitous one following the 2009 signing of the... Download white paper

Winning At Risk: A Medicare Shared Savings Playbook

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) present a significant opportunity to reduce health care expenditures and ensure quality care. However, successfully managing the transition to accountable care is one of the most difficult challenges facing... Download white paper

5 Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

Healthcare reform is fueling a shift away from a fee-for-service model toward a pay-forperformance, value-based care paradigm. And the implications for existing healthcare delivery systems are far-reaching all within an increasingly complex technology... Download white paper

How Ochsner Improved Colorectal Test Screening Rates Through Outreach

CDC data shows that the percentage of adults aged 50-75 years who are up-to-date with colorectal test screening ranges from 54-75% on a state-by-state basis, leaving at best a quarter of eligible Americans in need of an exam at any given time.... Download white paper

Securing Patient Data: Breach Prevention Doesn’t Have to be Brain Surgery

The healthcare industry is a notoriously easy target for hackers — lagging in technological advancements and basic best security practices, the industry often leaves itself open to low-tech exploits, like phishing and other social engineering... Download white paper

Reduce Missed Appointments and Increase Patient Satisfaction with Proprietary Mobile Apps

Hospitals are like miniature cities: They grow and change in ways that aren’t always orderly or predictable. For a patient or visitor, trying to navigate the average hospital is like getting dropped into a new city without a map, and perhaps... Download white paper

Getting Started with Beacons in Your Hospital

Beacons are small devices that send low-energy Bluetooth signals to estimate the proximity of another Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone. Using beacons in your hospital can help patients and visitors find their way indoors and... Download white paper

A Surprising Rx For The Ailing Patient Experience

A mobile app can offer valuable features that reduce or even eliminate some of patients' biggest frustrations. Your app can help you create a more positive, consistent patient experience-without the need to hire additional office staff. ... Download white paper

Your Hospital App Launch Guide

So you’ve decided to create a mobile app for your hospital. Congratulations! While there are a lot of things to do to help make your app a success, it doesn’t have to be too daunting. We’ve got the process down to a science,... Download white paper

National Health Plan Extends Outreach After Improving Data Quality

Think about your organization’s database. How many phone calls, postcards or other outbound communications never reach their intended target? Health plans are continually asked to do more with less, but the ever-shrinking shelf life of... Download white paper

Patient Preference For Text Drives Overall Engagement For Vanderbilt

By offering to remind patients of upcoming appointments via text message rather than a phone call, Vanderbilt Medical Center has proven that communication through patients’ preferred channels can increase response rates. “Answering... Download white paper

How Piedmont Healthcare Increased Collections and Productivity

Healthcare organizations of all sizes continually search for ways to improve communication with their past due accounts. For large organizations, one of the greatest challenges is finding the bandwidth and resources to reach out to high volumes... Download white paper

Sentara Healthcare Uses Automated Notifications to Improve Quality of Care

One of the challenges facing healthcare organizations is how to leverage technology to improve the quality of care they deliver. Specific to communication technology, the question remains, “What is the most effective way to connect with... Download white paper

Utah Spine Care Uses West to Increase Adoption of Online Patient Portal

Shortly after adopting an online patient portal, Tina Carney, EMR Administrator for Utah Spine Care, was tasked with manually calling each patient two weeks prior to their appointment, encouraging them to complete pre-registration materials online.... Download white paper