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Top 5 Ways HIPAA Compliant Messaging Improves Your Organization

Healthcare organizations have to process enormous amounts of data every year, most of which is sensitive, requiring very tight security. Not only do these companies handle protected health information (PHI), but they also utilize sensitive personal... Download white paper

Advancing Medicine Needs Advanced Security

The healthcare industry is in a unique and particularly vulnerable position when it comes to cyber security. Providers face substantial regulation around privacy and data security while hackers have much to gain from patient data. Recent statistics... Download white paper

Intelligent Network Segmentation for the Healthcare Industry

Security in the healthcare industry is more than just a matter of compliance. Obviously, the regulatory environment is a significant consideration, but healthcare providers, insurers, and others have a real responsibility to protect patient data,... Download white paper

Security for the Next-Generation Distributed Healthcare Enterprise

Healthcare is moving to a more distributed model, connecting hospitals with clinics, physician practices, labs, home health, and urgent care centers like never before. With this new distributed model, it is imperative that nurses, doctors, clinicians,... Download white paper

IDC Customer Spotlight: Barnabas Health End-to-End Security for Next-Generation Distributed Health

Barnabas Health is New Jersey's largest integrated healthcare delivery system, with 10 hospitals, including 2 children's hospitals; 95 physician medical groups; an ambulatory care center; a statewide behavioral health network; and comprehensive... Download white paper

Ten Steps to Maximize Secure Text Messaging Adoption

From planning through post-implementation, follow these 10 steps to maximize adoption of your secure text messaging solution for improved care coordination and protected patient information. Download white paper

5 Tips to Improve your HCAHPS Scores

Data measured by the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey is increasingly important. Learn five ways technology can help you positively influence these metrics. Download white paper

IDC Technology Spotlight: Advanced Network Security to Protect against Cyberthreats

Nearly every week, another healthcare organization reports a serious privacy and security breach that has compromised tens of thousands to millions of consumer health records. In the past, these breaches occurred because a mobile device was accidentally... Download white paper

IDC Technology Spotlight: Protect Patient Data from the Inside Out

Healthcare organizations face thousands of potential cyberthreats on a daily basis. Hundreds of them are potentially dangerous, and at least 10 are so severe that the chief information security officer (CISO) should advise law enforcement of... Download white paper

Perspectives on Cybersecurity in Healthcare

In today’s connected health environment, cybersecurity is no longer an option or afterthought – it is a critical strategic asset that must be addressed by every organization. Over the past decade, healthcare stakeholders have implemented... Download white paper

Secure Virtualization for Healthcare

In recent years, Healthcare companies have increased their investment in virtualization and as a result, data centers are becoming home to increasing volumes of patient related data and medical applications. Because of this shift in data storage... Download white paper

New Options in Chronic Care Management

As the U.S. population ages, the number of chronically ill is anticipated to increase, putting a growing burden on our healthcare system. Chronically ill patients tend to be hospitalized more frequently, rely heavily on their primary care providers,... Download white paper

The Case for Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

In the year since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved payments to support chronic care management (CCM), practices across the U.S. have been evaluating their options. A sufficient number have implemented CCM programs... Download white paper

Preventing Cyberattacks in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have become highly targeted by cyber attackers as the value of stolen protected health information has become greater than the value of stolen credit cards.In this webinar led by a former Information Security Lead at... View webcast

Agile Analytics: The Key to Surviving and Thriving After the Medicare Tipping Point

Healthcare payment and delivery is undergoing a major upheaval. How do you prepare for the performance measures required in a post-MIPS world? Healthcare payment and delivery is becoming more complicated. Healthcare leaders and providers —... Download white paper

A Quick Guide to EPCS: What You Need To Know

Many healthcare providers have delayed implementing electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS). Some may be waiting for the regulatory dust to settle, as the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) ruling is titled “Interim.”... Download white paper

Avoid Becoming the Catch of the Day: Four Steps to Combat Phishing Attacks

Phishing has emerged as the top security threat facing healthcare organizations, yet only one-third of organizations feel fully prepared to defend against phishing attacks. Fortunately, there are steps organizations can take to better prepare... Download white paper

How Hospitals can Avoid the Biggest Healthcare Communications Mistake

Many healthcare organizations struggle with delayed patient care, frustrated providers, and potential HIPAA breaches as a result of their outdated paging systems, which often rely on one-directional, unencrypted messaging for communications. ... Download white paper

Putting a Price on Telehealth

It’s not always easy to determine the value of a telehealth program, particularly when everyone involved has a different definition of ROI. The patient may be focusing on lower costs and more convenience, while the doctor is looking at... View webcast

Reduce Missed Appointments and Increase Patient Satisfaction with Mobile Apps

For a patient or visitor, trying to navigate the average hospital is like getting dropped into a new city without a map, and perhaps without speaking the language. It’s amazing anybody makes it to an appointment on time! According to The... Download white paper