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Moving from Traditional Analysis to Agile Data Management

Managers need to be responsive to the current business environment, this means pulling together unstructured and structured data, constantly adapting the business logic behind the analysis, and being able to drive insight quickly and with precision.... Download white paper

How to Overcome 3 Key Big Data Challenges

Understanding and being able to analyze large data sets can lead an organization to informed business decisions, actionable results, agile response and overall better business performance. And yet, according to research many big data projects... Download white paper

Rethinking Governance in an Analytics Driven World

The world is always moving, evolving, changing. It’s difficult to keep up. Big Data and analytics have changed the way companies gather, analyze, and use information to make informed business decisions. Analysts need and are demanding self-service... Download white paper

Streamlining Healthcare Processes with E-Signatures

Hear from Lifesprk CTO, John Fraser and e-SignLive VP of Marketing Mary Ellen Power about the state of e-signatures in digital healthcare including: Compliance Top use cases Best practices for implementation Key Takeaways View webcast

Security for E-Signatures and E-Transactions: What to Look for in a Vendor

Businesses are moving more and more of their customer transactions to the web. Especially, they are signing up and servicing consumers in a completely electronic environment where contracts and documents of all types are being delivered, reviewed... Download white paper

Responding to Unpopular HIPAA Disclosure Requirements

Gartner Report: The question is not whether healthcare consumers will ultimately get the right to learn of disclosures of their data, but when. Senior IT leaders and business executives in healthcare organizations that use lobbyists should focus... Download white paper

Secure Federal Data and Support Your Mobile Workforce

in 2014 about 1.73 million data records containing bank account information or social security numbers were compromised in government data breaches.  IT security leaders are applying a layered approach to their data protection security model,... Download white paper

Top 10 Data Security Tips to Safeguard Your Business

This is arguably the most unsettling time in history to be a CIO. The IT landscape is shifting at a rapid pace with advances in social media, mobility, and big data. Hackers, or cybercriminals, are persistently on the lookout for new data to... Download white paper

HIPAA Violations Incur Multi-Million Dollar Penalties

Have you noticed how many expensive Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations have been making the news lately? Now more then ever, the Healthcare industry is under growing pressure to keep personal healthcare information... Download white paper

The Enemy Within: Insiders are still the weakest link in your data security chain

With companies embracing mobile to maintain competitive advantage in the digital era, information security threats have increased exponentially. User-friendly technologies such as mobile devices, mobile apps, and cloud storage are often hacker-friendly... Download white paper

The Cost of a Data Breach: Healthcare Settlements Involving Lost or Stolen Devices

IT leaders today are reinventing their infrastructure to support a mobile workforce and complex array of connected devices. Against this backdrop of mobility and connectivity, Healthcare IT is tasked with meeting compliance challenges in an intricate... Download white paper

Readiness vs. Response: How One Healthcare Organization was Attacked but Avoided a Breach

Cyber attacks. Healthcare organizations are becoming all too familiar with this security concern. And even with the best security measures in place, it’s not a question of if, but when you will become victim to an incident.  So how... View webcast

Best Practices in VDI Implementation: Integrating VDI into healthcare environments

This guides provides insight into the various benefits and challenges associated with VDI implementation and ultimately culminates in an overview of the many use cases for VDI in healthcare. VDI is not the solution for all... Download white paper

How Hospitals Transform Their Campaign Strategy to Improve Patient Engagement and Increase Revenues

If you are a hospital Chief Marketing Officer and have not moved, have reluctantly tried to move, or have experienced failed attemps to move to digital marketing, reading this white paper will help you learn about: What marketers mean when they... Download white paper

Campaign Return On Investment and Attributions in Healthcare Marketing

Marketing ROI models are only possible through the use of data - from the market, the marketing department, and CRM systems. The Evariant method provides healthcare marketers with the fundamental tools to evaluate their programs, plan their business,... Download white paper

Proactive Health: Transforming Healthcare – One Patient at a Time

In this white paper will describe how CMO's and CIO's can support their organizations as they embrace proactive health. Including a brief history of the U.S. healthcare system and how forward-thinking providers and physicnas are moving... Download white paper

Return on Marketing Investment for Healthcare Providers

An informal study done in 2014 showed that only 20-25% of the healthcare provider marketing functions in the country used Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) metrics to any degree. So if ROMI is seen as a key target for marketing metrics, why... Download white paper

Using Patient Data Mining and Modeling to Drive Volume and Improve Outcomes

The goal of this white paper is to make hospital marketers and administrators aware of the sophisticated and powerful tools and techniques of propensity marketing, and how to use these solutions to not only increase the hospital's revenue,... Download white paper

Next-Generation Security Platform for Insurance Industry

Insurance is based more on data collection and analysis than possibly any other industry. Whether it is a mobile insurance agent selling a new policy, a body shop filing a repair estimate, or a detailed health insurance claim at a medical clinic,... Download white paper

Traps PCI Compliance

With data breaches on the rise, it’s clear that simply being PCI DSS compliant does not guarantee protection of sensitive cardholder data. Organizations are realizing that if they cannot meet PCI DSS requirements as stated, compensating... Download white paper