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Ransomware Defense Checklist

The rise of ransomware over the past few years is an ever-growing problem and there are no signs of this extremely lucrative criminal enterprise going away. Are you concerned about keeping your business up and running in the face of an attack?... Download white paper

Infographic: Speed Dating Health Analytics Vendors: What to Look for Before You Say “Yes”

Value-based care (VBC) has many benefits, but it’s a massive effort. It changes the entire delivery system. Healthcare organizations need outside help, especially with the data side. Choosing a partner is tough, but this infographic outlines... Download white paper

Case Study: BCBS Wellmark and Wheaton Franciscan Hospital: Exceeding Quality and Financial Goals

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa launched one of the first ACOs in the Midwest. Within one year of joining the shared savings payment model, Wheaton-Franciscan Healthcare-Iowa met and exceeded its quality goals, earning an incentive... Download white paper

Case Study: CMO Montefiore Care Management: Measuring ACO Success

The Montefiore ACO has consistently been one of the top-performing Pioneer ACOs in the country. Under CMS' Pioneer ACO Model program, they had to report on quality and prove their program lowered costs. To do this, they turned raw data from... Download white paper

A Strategy for Building a Value-Based Care Program: How Data Can Help You Shift from Fee-for-Service

Reimbursing care based on clinical or financial outcomes can seem like a daunting process--but it doesn't have be. This eBook breaks down the five key elements of a successul value-based care program and the important role of data. Download white paper

Population Health Management: A Bridge Between Fee for Service and Value Based Care

The move from fee-for-service to value-based payment isn't always seamless. Many organizations will have to balance multiple (and conflicting) revenue models at once. This eBook explains how a population health framework can help ease the... Download white paper

Take Action: How Predictive Analytics Can Help You Improve Healthcare Value

Predictive analytics can help you identify who will be your most vulnerable, high-cost members. But not all predictive analytics help your physicians know what to do next. This eBook breaks down the traits of predictive analytics that can help... Download white paper

10 Questions Payers Must Ask When Choosing a Value Measure

Today's care models need a way to capture healthcare value--performance as it relates to cost. The proliferation of available measures makes it hard to cut through the clutter and decide which one is best for evaluating provider performance.... Download white paper

Simplify Your RightFax Environment with Hybrid Faxing

Are you ready to leave behind the hassle of managing your fax telephony infrastructure? Organizations can leverage hybrid faxing to rapidly benefit from the flexibility and scalability afforded by the cloud while maintaining their on-premises... View webcast

The Rocky Road to Information Sharing in the Health System

Interoperability is clearly becoming a necessary component of healthcare reform and value-based delivery. In order to perform and meet the demands of new business models, providers need to leverage care settings across the network to ensure that... Download white paper

What’s Your RightFax IQ?

In today’s digital world, companies must make the most of the critical data that drives their business. That means being able to extract data quickly from where it resides, automate secure data delivery to the people who need it, and safeguard... Download white paper

2016 State of the Connected Patient

According to the ‘State of the Connected Patient’ report, modern technology plays a crucial role in addressing the challenge of delivering preventative care.40% of patients surveyed in the report said they currently receive no preventative... Download white paper

The Patient Success Platform: Making Patient-Centric Care Easier Than Ever with Salesforce

The healthcare industry faces a variety of disruptive pressures. The Affordable Care Act and reimbursement changes have forced healthcare providers to change how they deliver care. Instead of being paid solely on the volume of clinical services,... Download white paper

Introducing Salesforce Health Cloud: 3 Core Advantages

The shift to patient-centric relationship management has begun, and Salesforce is leading the way with Health Cloud. This e-book shows you how to tap into the power of the cloud, social, and mobile to make the move to 1-to-1 care. Explore Health... Download white paper

Pegasus iOS Attack Overview

Organizations that have standardized on Apple devices might have been feeling rather smug when the HummingBad and Quadrooter vulnerabilities broke headlines, as Apple devices were unaffected. However, the grins have quickly turned to grimaces... Download white paper

Overview of HummingBad

HummingBad is the latest high profile malware designed for mobile devices. In this particular malware the attack is targeted at Android devices. Check Point, the IT security company that first detected the malware, estimates that it has infiltrated... Download white paper

The Healthcare CIO Perspective on Supporting Clinical Workflows

In this survey designed specifically for healthcare CIOs and administered by CHIME, more than 100 IT leaders revealed the business goals behind their mobile workflow investments. CIOs responded to questions about their big-picture goals, the... Download white paper

SPOK’s Fifth Annual Mobility Strategies in Healthcare Survey: Results Revealed

Mobility is the future of healthcare communications, though the particulars of that future remain in flux. Now in its fifth year, Spok’s annual Mobility in Healthcare Survey is starting to reveal some longer-term trends in addition to annual... Download white paper

The Cloud Evolution in Healthcare

Are Healthcare organizations ready to embrace the cloud, or are the perceived risks still pushing out the tipping point of adoption?  In this eBook, Level 3 partners with HIMSS Analytics to shed light on where we’ve been, where we... Download white paper

Case Study: Solving Addiction in the Workplace

Payers lose millions of dollars each year around addiction and could greatly benefit from more proactive, innovative approaches to care that better meet the needs of patients struggling with this chronic disease. Improved workflow, increased... Download white paper