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The Big Switch: A Behavioral Health and Human Services Guide to Switching EHRs

Created exclusively for behavioral health and human services providers, this in-depth guide will help you determine if switching EHRs is the right choice for your agency and provide the tools necessary to ensure a smooth EHR transition. The guide... Download white paper

After Affordable Care Act: Surviving New Care Models & Payment Reform in Behavioral Healthcare

With all the recent changes in the behavioral health care landscape and the shift towards a pay-for-performance environment, are you questioning whether your organization has the tools it needs to be successful? This shift to a pay-for-performance... Download white paper

2015 EHR Buyer’s Guide for Behavioral Health & Human Services

Are you in the early stages of investing in an EHR? This EHR Buyer’s Guide from Qualifacts was specifically created to assist in the vendor vetting process for behavioral health and human service providers. The guide walks buyers through... Download white paper

Managing ICD-10’s Impact on Your Bottom Line

In this e-book, you’ll learn tactics that can strengthen your denials management strategy and better address claim issues. From identifying denial trends to improving clinical documentation, the best practices you’ll learn can help... Download white paper

7 Steps to Improve Business Office Function & Increase Cash Generation

Accounts receivable and RCM may seem like a tricky business, and no doubt they require a unique and knowledgeable approach, but with a few tips and tricks in your pocket, your healthcare business office can be the best and most streamlined version... Download white paper

Leveraging Health IT for Patient Engagement

Patient engagement plays an important role in the transition from volume to value taking hold in the healthcare industry. Despite the growing importance of patient engagement, the form it should take is open to interpretation. In this... View webcast

Best Practices in Electronic Clinical Documentation

In this presentation, Winona Health's ITWorks Client Leader Polly Peterson shares her organization's efforts to implement and improve electronic clinical documentation, a critical step in its recent achievement of HIMSS Analytics EMRAM... View webcast

Rethinking Your Revenue Cycle: 3 Reasons to Outsource

Is outsourcing medical billing and collections right for your practice? Find out using the quick checklist in our new white paper“Rethinking Your Revenue Cycle: 3 Reasons to Outsource.” Keep more of the revenue you earn when you learn... Download white paper

HIPAA Compliance Statement

The rise of mobile devices in the workplace, specifically healthcare facilities, has forced providers to look for ways to utilize mobile technology to increase efficiency, improve patient care and drive new businesses to their practice, without... Download white paper

Top 10 Considerations when Selecting a Secure Text Messaging Solution

Evaluating Secure Text Messaging solutions can cause anyone’s eyes to glaze over in dreaded anticipation. But the process doesn’t have to be laborious, overwhelming, or fraught with perils when you know the right questions to ask.... Download white paper

Top 5 Takeaways From HIPAA Omnibus Audits

With the recent changes to the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, organizations and their business associates must address how they’re compliant and what changes to make to minimize risks. Download white paper

Is It Time To Replace Your PM System?

This easy to use guide will help you to: Identify the three most important industry trends that will affect your practice's profitability Reassess your technology needs in light of those changes Decide whether a new PM or billing solution... Download white paper

Case Study: McKesson Makes Application Hosting for Hospitals Faster, More Efficient

McKesson Managed Services deployed ExtraHop to improve its ability to deliver hosted applications to hospitals. With ExtraHop, McKesson identified the root cause of slow Citrix XenApp application launches and adopted a more intelligent, proactive... Download white paper

Driving EHR Value with Clean Item Master Data

Healthcare organizations are turning a critical eye to the integrity of their item masters as they plan EHR implementations. To do so, they are executing master data management strategies designed to clean up their data and maintain it over time... Download white paper

Revenue Cycle Best Practices Guide: Adapting to Changes in Reimbursement With HIT

This best practices guide offers insight into the revenue cycle challenges facing health systems, hospitals, and physician practices in an era of accountable care by looking at how healthcare reimbursement is evolving and impacting the revenue... Download white paper

Use of Technology to Provide Transparency across the Revenue Cycle and Improve Results

Management of multiple disparate practice management systems stemming from a period of rapid growth created many challenges for Kentucky-based Baptist Health Medical Group (BHMG).  During this webinar, Kittie Smith, BHMG Director of Revenue... View webcast

Avoiding the Top 5 Risks of the ICD-10 Conversion

This white paper includes the 5 major risks of the ICD-10 transition that your practice should expect including: Lack of preparation by your billing, practice management, and EHR vendor Lack of preparation by your payers Insufficient training... Download white paper

Best Practices in Revenue Cycle: Preparing for Value-Based Care with Analytics

The purpose of this guide is to shine a light on the current hospital revenue cycle management trends that have made an impact already and those that will play a role in the years to come. Hospitals and practices that are... Download white paper

The New Role of the CFO: Getting Equipped For A Changing Financial Landscape

It is clear is that the role of the CFO is under evolution. The good news: the role is more valued than ever. The bad news: the job is tougher than ever. CFOs must focus their attention on advancing along three distinct strategic... Download white paper

Getting Your Practice “In the Zone”: 7 Tips for Achieving and Sustaining Financial Health

Health care providers are working harder than ever before — and spending less time with each patient — to see even a small increase in their income. They have to cope with an avalanche of complex rules, regulations,... Download white paper