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Revolutionizing Renal Care With Predictive Analytics for CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a common and growing condition, affecting about half of the Medicare population and of diabetics. In the United States, the lifetime risk of CKD for 30-year-olds is now greater than half, and the prevalence of... View webcast

Cloud Informatics in Healthcare

We're Comfortable sharing a lot of information over the internet. However, when it comes to healthcare, patients, providers, and facilities alike have been slow to adopt the Internet and cloud technology as methods of sharing and receiving... Download white paper

3 Tips to Stop Revenue Leaks in Your Private Practice

This guide walks you through common practice management holes that are leaking time and money from your practice, and the best tools you can use to improve operational efficiency and reduce redundancy. The end result is a proficient office, happier... Download white paper

How to Optimize Your Practice Tasks and Workflows

To remain independent, your private practice needs to run like a well-oiled machine, delivering quality patient care while thriving financially as a business. Physicians, front office and back office personnel all play critical roles. Most small... Download white paper

How to Turn Employee Worst Practices Into IT Healthcare Best Practices

The press can’t get enough of ransomware infections of medical facilities and corporate data breaches. Showcasing the latest horror story about a hospital locked down or its data frozen from cybercrime.    Despite all the funds... Download white paper

Get Your Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual

In the last five years, cybercrime has gone pro. Healthcare has increasingly become a lucrative target for ransomware cybercrime placing more pressure on IT to keep networks secure.  Get the most informative and complete Ransomware... Download white paper

Patient Navigation: 5 Steps for Fixing the Most Dangerous Communication Problem in the Hospital

A recent study documented what healthcare professionals have suspected for years: that communication breaks down somewhere between hospital discharge and outpatient follow-up. At best, it was unclear who was responsible for post-discharge testing... Download white paper

Hospital Mergers and the Clinical Communication Platform

A recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report called 2016 the “year of merger mania.” Healthcare organizations are not only merging with other health systems, they’re also increasingly buying physician practices. As many as 63 percent... Download white paper

Secure Texting Top 10: Essential Features for a Clinical Communication Solution

A secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform isn’t optional anymore.  As Russell Branzell, CEO of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), recently declared, “healthcare is ground zero for cyberattacks.”... Download white paper

EPCS Success: Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital of Plattsburgh, NY shares its successful implemen

Now that ePrescirbing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) is legal in all 50 states, healthcare organizations are moving to e-prescribing in an effort to recognize the many benefits which it offers, including fast and convenient prescribing workflows,... View webcast

Improving Provider Efficiency, Patient Safety With Secure Texting

Providing high-quality patient care is a collaborative effort and crucial to that collaboration is effective communication between members of the care team. Traditionally, healthcare organizations have relied on phone messages, pagers, and the... View webcast

Streamlining Medical Image Exchange with Cloud-Based Technology

Organizations are inundated with medical images and patient CDs. The good news is that cloud-based technology can eliminate the need for CDs and streamline the image management process. When implemented, cloud solutions reduce costs, optimize... Download white paper

The New World of Unified Image Management: A Guide to Imaging in the Enterprise

Organizations seeking to eliminate old ways of siloed data must embrace a new model that focuses on outcomes and collaboration. The new reform rules promote the limiting of medical procedures and tests unless very necessary, which can certainly... Download white paper

Securing Medical Imaging in the Cloud

Regardless of your organization’s size or specialty, the reliable, quick, and universal access to clinically rich imaging data is essential across the entire care continuum. The traditional way of managing information in departmentalized... Download white paper

Video: Easy Pay Card on File

Looking for a simple and cost effective solution for collecting patient payments? Easy Pay brings you a simple, patient friendly, and cost-effective payment acceptance tool designed specifically for healthcare. Easier than payment up front, patients... View webcast

Provider’s Guide to Avoiding Past Due Patient Balances

Collecting from Patients has become more challenging and costly than ever.  High deductible plans have shifted more and more of the financial responsibility to the patient.  Unfortunately paying medical bills is still low priority for... Download white paper

Addressing the Growing Threat of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Healthcare cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue for both covered entities and business associates, especially as the online threats continue to evolve. Healthcare organizations need to understand the existing threats so they... Download white paper

Build a Robust and Secure Wi-Fi Infrastructure

As the workplace shifts from wired to wireless, what’s the secret to building a robust and secure enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure? All Wi-Fi network planning should start with a wireless site analysis. Whether you’re planning a new... Download white paper

Optimize Your Healthcare IT

See how PC Connection, Inc. can help your practice: Enhance your growth by leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage Elevate your productivity by improving data centers and IT operations Empower your innovation with new approaches... Download white paper

Web Security for Dummies

The emergence of new cyber attacks has raised concerns about the vulnerability of web applications. WhiteHat Security experts are at the forefront of identifying and addressing these concerns. Our eBook, Website Security for Dummies, provides... Download white paper